Research Paper: Organizational Reframing Program Four Frames

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[. . .] It is like a cycle that an organization is in fit then the contingency factor changes and the organization goes into misfit this should be followed by the adaptation process so that the organization goes into fit again.

Structural Contingency Theory in Human Resource Management

The structural contingency theory deals with every individual in the organization the whole combine workforce and that's what human resource is concerned with the whole workforce of the organization. The human resource department is responsible for keeping the morale of each and every individual high so their performance graphs should also move upwards. This department is responsible for sorting out the disputes between other departments and keeping a healthy environment in the organization, it also has a job to make sure that productivity chart is moving on the right track and the organization and its people individually are working efficiently and contributing to the greater good. Human resource department always has an eye on the relationship between other departments. The basic job of the human resource department is to hire people and they need to make sure that they hire the right people. Right people for the right job is a necessity now days as the competition is increasing in every aspect of life and the organization and its individual needs to be on their toes with their best performance in order to succeed. Solving conflicts, addressing low productivity, dealing complaints and putting right people for the right job are the duties performed by the human resource management. Performing these duties involves implementing a structural contingency theory. The reframing of this department should be done; the area of concern is an orthodox management style that must be changed and young people with latest human resource management tactics. These young people comes with an ambition and they have a desire to succeed in that case they put their 100% to maintain organization discipline. The human resource management department is the one that has been most ignored and the amount of investment to improve this department is near to nothing. This department should be given the most importance as this department is the door of the organization it decides who deserves a place inside or who deserves to stay out and good people will only be selected if the department has an eye for selecting good productive potential employees. Ignoring this department can result in selection of inefficient people who can waste both time and energy; it can also result in different conflicts in the organization and ruin the environment of the organization if the department is not skilled enough to keep a healthy environment.

Social Network Analysis

Social network analysis (SNA) measures and map the relationship among different entities let it be relation among people, computer, organization and any other entity. The social network analysis does the mathematical analysis of relation between entities; the analysis is mostly based on assumptions and research. Social network analysis creates a whole network theory which consists of nodes and ties. The nodes represent the actor or performer in the given network whereas the ties represent the relationship among nodes that are the individuals in the network. The network analysis end result depicts a social network diagram where different nodes are connected through each other through ties and a whole relationship picture is been provided.

Social network analysis has the task of disclosing the pattern of people's interaction. Social network analysis is largely based on an intuitive notion that disclosed current patterns are an important part of the live of an individual who depicts the pattern. An individual life style is mostly determined by how he is tied in these patterns of relations and where he stands in the analysis picture consisting of nodes and ties. Organization and society's success or failure is also dependent on these patterns of relationship, the internal patterns are real indicators that an organization will be successful or not.

Two important points that must be noted in social network analysis is that it is organized and depicted in mathematical term and the second point is that an analysis in an ordered form of empirical data. High tech computers were introduced in 1970s and before that much work wasn't be done on the social network analysis but it was after the introduction of high tech computers that the social network study become famous and after that its growth has been immense. The social network analysis is been famous for organizational internal relations and organizational behavior.

Implementation of social network analysis is now common in many different organizations. Organizations now can be seen as a social group with different patterns of relations and interaction over a period of time. The social network analysis provide a theoretical framework to an organization, the framework leads the data collection and data analysis part of the social network analysis. The network analysis views the organization as an object system consisting of different people and group that are bounded by relations and different level of interaction. There can be single relation as well as multi-relation, the social network analysis deals with the detail structure and pattern of the relation and interaction that has been developed. The root cause and consequences of the pattern of relationship are also been identified by the network analysis.

Impact of reframing plan and ethical issue's

Reframing plan means that a new strategy is to be implemented in the department that needs to be reframed in an organization. The reframing plan has an impact not only on the department which is being reframed but it also affects other departments as well, apart from the normal impact that takes place there are a lot of ethical issues also which stems up and need to be taken into regard.

Impact on the department being reframed

The reframing process has a huge impact and changes the complete picture of the department being reframed. As the reframing plan needs a new strategy and to implement a new strategy certain steps need to be taken.

The first step involves the communication of the strategy and that strategy communication must be two way so that the feedback of the employees must also be taken. The communication of the strategy makes employees feel the part of the family in the organization as they get to know beforehand what changes are going to happen. This also benefit in a sense that employee keep themselves ready to be flexible and adjust in the new strategy.

The second step is of training because the department is having new strategy, new objectives, new rules and policies the whole picture of the department is going to be change so the employees are needed to be trained accordingly.

The third step is to hire new people with new set of skills because not all people in the organization is ready to adjust or flexible enough to adjust themselves in new situation so the department needs new and fresh faces who can perform the job and help the department achieve their new objective. The final and the forth step of implementing a new strategy is firing old people who are not flexible and cannot adjust themselves into the new strategy. The people reluctant to change face this situation.

Impact of reframing on other departments

The reframing the human resource department can have a positive impact on other department, as the human resource department is the one who decides the salary and compensation or other morale boosting tools so employees of every other department increase their performance because the new human resource department will take a fresh start and employees have a chance to build a new reputation. The reframing of human resource department means new pattern of relation between the departments will be decided and keeping in mind previous mistake the new pattern can bring in productivity and efficiency in the organization. The impact on other department by reframing human resource department can be a performance booster impact.

Ethical Aspects

The implementation of new strategy should make sure that it is been done within the ethical parameter and no unethical step will be taken. Firing that will be done as a last part of strategy implementation if needed so notice beforehand and other requirements will be fulfilled ethically and the compensation for it will also be given.


The organization reframing plan is useful and organized way to move of the potential problems that the organization could face. Reframing plan is a cycle as the world around us and the environment around the organization keeps on changing time to time so it is necessary as an individual and as an organization to adjust you according to the changing theme of the world. The structured way to adjust oneself and adapt to the changing situation is the reframing plan which takes you step-by-step to the end desired result. The organization is initially is in fit but as the environment around its changes like market changes where… [END OF PREVIEW]

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