Thesis: Organizational Talent Questions: Talent Acquisition: Recruitment

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Organizational Talent Questions:

Talent Acquisition:

Recruitment is a crucial part of the cultural makeup of an

organization as it defines the nature of the personnel, the manner in which

organizational goals are communicated and the standards which are expected

of worthy candidates. These conditions are established by certain aspects

of the recruitment process. Among them, job analysis is a necessary

process in presenting the position to be filled and properly representing

the responsibilities and qualifications expected of the proper candidate.

Job descriptions are the manifestation of this internal understanding in a

way that is clearly communicated to the candidate. This is the

counterpoint to an analysis which will allow recruiters to evaluate the

individuals up for a position, instead providing candidates with a

framework on how best to present themselves. Proper HR Planning is also

central to this process, as the effectiveness of recruitment is steeped in

a dialogue first between potential candidates and the organization and then

between interview candidates and specific interviewers. Proper planning

must direct efforts to court good candidates and to frame interview

processes to identify those most qualified.

Talent Retention:

One possible consideration would be to shorten hours for those

employees whose lowering work function as a matter of job responsibility

denotes that work can be done effectively in fewer hours of the work.

Another option which could be attractive when compared to outright layoffs

would be the establishment of rolling furloughs. Yet another approach

might be to consider which employees have demonstrated in their work

function the capacity to… [END OF PREVIEW]

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