Organizational Theory and Behaviour Essay

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Organizational Theory & Behaviour

Organizational Theory & Behavior

The Impact of Gender on Bureaucracies

The world has evolved significantly throughout the past decades and evidence in this direction is not only obvious relative to globalization or technological advancements, but even in terms of human relations, treatment and rights. Major advancements have as such been made relative to the historical discrimination against certain groups, such as the representatives of the female gender. While the clearly stated stand is that men and women play an equal part in public offices and that entrance on such position is not limited by gender characteristics, the actual situation indicates the opposite. Camilla Stivers (2002) finds that discrimination against women continues to occur within public institutions on grounds such as a belief that men do a better job at managing positions, people and situations or that women are distracted by their domestic responsibilities, and as such perform at inferior levels. The numbers of women occupying public positions is significantly lower than the number of men, and the perceived explanation is that only exceptional women have the ability to do the job initially designed for men.

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In this context of forwarded equality but practiced discrimination, a question is being posed relative to the actual means in which gender impacts certain organizational functions, such as performance, accountability, team building, morale or customer service. Despite it being focused on several perspectives of public administration, Brain Fray's Mastering Public Administration: From Max Weber to Dwight Waldo (1989) contains some useful references as to how genders are perceived within the administrative community, perceptions which could help answer the posed question.

TOPIC: Essay on Organizational Theory & Behaviour Organizational Theory & Assignment

In this order of ideas, one of Fry's essays' quotes Frederick W. Taylor's stand on the incapacity of women to perform in an organized context as they are "less efficient than men, less regular in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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