Research Paper: Organized Crime Refers to Groups of People

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Organized crime refers to groups of people that are national, local, provisional, and translational and geared towards engagement in criminal activities for their own or planned gains. Numerous reports and documentation cover on the occurrence and evolution of organized crime in the world. Organized crime is not like any other form of crime in the society. These forms of crime have been organized in order to be executed in their order of events. Common happenings of crime have been directed at exemplifying the benefits of weaknesses in the security forces within a place. Monetary gains are normal forms over which organized crime activities have been staged.

The essence of crime is directed at exemplifying the best options of accessing monetary or any other form of benefit through killings and forceful lootings. The term organization has been used to refer to the nature of discipline owned by the gangs while doing their criminal activities. For instance, cyber crimes are some of the organized crimes that end up looting people of their property even without getting to know they have been looted. Organized crimes are unlawful activities. They result in unwanted consequences that lead to havoc of life, peace, and commonness of performance in a given place. Their organization is disciplined and highly trained. In most cases, organized crime activities happen without being noticed by the concerned personnel. Such crimes are called organized crimes in the society (Kelly, 1994).

Different organizations and institutions have defined organized crime in a different perspective. According to the United States federal system of definition, organized crime refers to any unlawful activity that has been highly orchestrated and takes place within a set of disciplined forces. The act of engaging in any unlawful activity is termed to be illegal. This qualifies to be an organized crime in the case that it appears organized and trends to a long historical time. The nature in which crimes appear systematic and taking a certain trend of occurrences qualifies them to be referred as organized crime in the society. For instance, crime that has its roots dating back to a long period and having made several benefits from the society is rendered as an organized crime. There are many cases and instances of organized crime in the streets of the United States of America and the world as a whole. The natures in which these crimes are organized dictate their qualification to be termed as organized (Christensen & Levinson, 2003).

From the U.S. definition of organized crime, there is a distinct difference between this category of crime with those of other categories like attacks and violent activities in the society. Normal or usual crimes are not associated with intensified plans that date back to long durations. In most cases, normal crimes are not organized. They involve a few numbers of people who are accorded the respect of pursuing their own monetary gains from members of a given society. In order to stop such crimes, it takes fewer efforts from the government security agencies like the FBIs to conduct an investigation that when stroked depletes the presence of threat violence. Moreover, organized crime does not take the example of a situation where the interested parties involve in personalized crime activities. Nonetheless, it is significant to have a period over which crimes occur, and reoccur again after some time in order to term them as organized crimes. In most societies, organized crime has been a usual thing. The people involvement in these activities is a directive of the functioning society and hence has been hard to eradicate. For instance in the United States of America, criminal activities have taken mechanized structures like that of racketeering were mob criminal activities have been witnessed in many parts of states (Chris, 2006).

The notion behind the entire acts of the violence is to facilitate a single person or the managing authority that is being served by the mob. Mob activities involve massive criminal activities like robbing of a city, market, bank, home, and many other sites that are perceived to have a large collection of monetary materials. These activities are predicted to cost many people their lives and activities in the daily life. Many crime activities have been conducted in many cities. For instance, organized crime involving people close to thirty eight thousand have been reported in various sections of the country. These groups of criminals are directed towards escalating crime in various regions in order to facilitate a number of few people who appear to be under the management system of these groups.

Some other organized crime activities have been reported in countries outside the United States of America. These nations include those of Mexico, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. In Mexico, many of the organized crime activities are directed at handling and distribution of drugs in the country. Some of them have been branded as drug cartels that operate in and outside the country. In Mexico, many crime activities are thought to be conducted and perpetuated by many organized gangs who operate nationally and internationally. Drug cartels are just but an example of the escalated cases of organized crime in the country. Other groups involve in different crime activities like stealing, robbery, and killings. The emergence of the criminal activities sector in the country has often led to the FBI investigations and stoppage. Nonetheless, the organization and outcome of most of these security intelligences take long before they realize on the nature of the magnitude at which these gangs have established din various regions in the country. Mexico contains one of the greatest organized crime activities and threats in the world. This is according to report that was unleashed by the United States department of justice (Lyman & Potter, 2011).

There are different organizations that can be termed as organized crimes in the world. As established in Italy, organized crime activities have extended to the use of technology and other applications in the region. For instance, there are diverse cases of phishing in the Italian institutions and organizations. Phishing refers to use of technological approaches in order to access bank details that eventually lead to loss of money and other pertinent information by the banks in the region. In order to foster threats and other accessible chances that offer such groups equitable maintenance of the opportunistic activities, phishing has risen to the government concern (Abadinsky, 2010). The influence of technology and other approaches in the country have resulted in what is now a common crime that involves many people in and outside the country. Crime is a common activity that should be eliminated as much as possible in order to ensure equitable maintenance of peace among the people and in the country as a whole.

In some other countries, transitional organized crime activities have been reported. The mechanisms of operation and occurrence of crime activities have taken several and varied approaches in the entire world. For instance, transitional organized crime refers to crime activities that manifest in various forms and magnitudes. For instance, transitional organized crime takes varied forms like those involving firearms, drug trafficking and trading, looting and robbery, and those involving hijacking of persons. There are different approaches that organized crime activities happen in the society.

In order to foster equitable management of the activities, it is hard for many social structures to deal with organized crime in their natural occurrences. The existence of vulnerable groups together with those that involve the use of firearms and other dangerous weapons makes many organized crime groups to be dominant in the society. As happened in Mexico, many organized crime activities involve drug traffickers who have firearms that exceed those used by the police as involved with the FBIs. The occurrence of crime activities is directed to be one of the actual happenings. Such activities take place bearing in mind that many of these activities have formulated technical approaches and ways of dealing with security agencies in the society.

In some other situations, transitional organized crime activities involve exploitation of human mobility like smuggling of immigrants and other financial systems like those happening through money laundering in and outside the United States of America. Crime activities have posed serious threats to many financial institutions like those dealing with phishing in Italy and many other parts of the world. In many situations, it has been established that professionals who have made crime part of their main activities or professions do organized crime acts. They are trained and highly skilled (Gandhirajan, 2004).

Many of the participants are thought to be trained people from technological exemplifications. Furthermore, reports as indicated by the FBI and other U.S. agencies of security in the United States of America indicate that former and retired security personnel have involved in organized crime activities. This makes the entire act of crime escalation to be technical and hard to be managed by the existing security personnel in many nations. Large sums of money have been lost through transnational organized crime in many parts of… [END OF PREVIEW]

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