Thesis: Organizing Function of Management

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¶ … organizing function of management: The use of human resources and knowledge at the nonprofit Night Ministry

The organizing function of management: The use of human resources and knowledge at the nonprofit The Night Ministry

One of the four essential functions of management is organizing, or optimizing the use of an organization's resources. An organization's assets include monetary, human, knowledge-related and technological resources. As a nonprofit organization devoted to serving the public, the Night Ministry must work especially hard to capitalize upon the services of its human resources and the knowledge resources of its paid staff and volunteers. Above all, the organization's use of human resources and knowledge are what make the nonprofit valuable and functional within the community it serves.

The central mission of the Night Ministry is to serve at-risk youth and adults in the city of Chicago. The Night Ministry provides at-risk individuals basic necessities like food, shelter, and clothing; free healthcare, and other supportive services. The need for these services has grown with the recent economic downturn. Also, because the Night Ministry has several permanent bases of operation within the city of Chicago, as well as mobile units that dispense basic essentials and care, it has a vast need for 'many hands' to make its efforts 'light work.' To serve the people, the Ministry requires high-quality people who are generous and committed to their volunteer work.

The Night Ministry has devoted the bulk of its financial assets towards its service efforts, rather than upon administrative costs. Only 12.22% of its overall 2008 budget was devoted to administrative costs, including salaries. 7.25% was devoted to fundraising efforts -- the rest was devoted to funding its actual activities (Financials, 2008, The Night Ministry). To keep salary costs at a minimum, it is thus highly dependant upon volunteers. "Volunteers are a vital part of The Night Ministry's programs. Each year, over 400 hundred volunteers -- individuals and groups -- help us with direct service, support projects, professional services, and office help" (Volunteer, 2010, The Night Ministry). To ensure the efficacy of these volunteers, the organization trains them in a specific, formal training program before they participate. These training efforts involve individual as well as group-related briefings and indicate the extent to which the Night Ministry values trained support staff. The existence of such extensive training programs also provides an additional incentive for individuals to volunteer, as even volunteers can gain critical additional skills that can help them in their own work, such as counseling, sensitivity-training, and administrative skills.

Group volunteer activities fall into two categories. The first, Direct Service Opportunities are where groups "prepare and serve meals at our site locations" (Volunteer, 2010, The Night Ministry). The second are Support Opportunities where groups hold in-house drives for items such as warm coats, which are then distributed to Ministry clients. Organizations affiliated with The Night Ministry include churches, schools, youth groups, and some local businesses. Many of these group efforts are regular and ongoing.

The Night Ministry always needs more volunteers, and must improve its efforts at recruitment. In terms of increasing the number of volunteers, anecdotes about successful experiences and testimonials from groups and individuals would provide a more motivating and positive tone to the Night Ministry's rather bare-bones website. At present, the website is extremely spare in its design and detail, and merely lists ways to volunteer and types of groups that volunteer, along with contact information and logistical details. Making the website more inspiring by including photographs and anecdotal examples would be a fairly easy way to solicit more donations aid. People often want… [END OF PREVIEW]

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