Osteoporosis Approximately 8 Million People Term Paper

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Many of the estimates that are made on cost are generally made based on hip fractures (Neer, 1995). However, the overall costs include many other things, such as inability to work, custodial and medical care, reduced quality of life, functional limitations, loss of independence, pain, cost of illness, and death (Neer, 1995). It is relatively easy to measure the cost of osteoporosis when it comes to hip fractures because they result in surgical intervention and hospital admissions, both of which can be measured based on cost in many health care systems (Kanis & Pitt, 1992). Other fractures, however, such as vertebral column fractures in those over the age of 45, are considered to be related to osteoporosis but are generally not documented (Kanis & Pitt, 1992). The costs of these types of fractures include rehabilitation, medical and surgical care, long-term care, loss of productivity, and medication (Kanis & Pitt, 1992).

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Even though the costs of much of what is related to osteoporosis cannot be specifically and completely measured, it is clear that something must be done to work to prevent it so that the costs of taking care of the problems that it causes can be reduced, and the very human costs that cannot be measured in dollars and cents can also be reduced. Women should generally be the main focus of preventative measures because they are at a higher risk, but men as well must be made aware of the risks to their health and their independence (Kanis & Pitt, 1992). This idea of loss of independence has only been addressed recently in studies. Up until very recently, it was not something that was seen to be significant because it was not something that was associated with costs in the same way that hospital care and other issues were associated with costs (Kanis & Pitt, 1992).

For most individuals, however, it appears to be safe to say that, once they fracture a hip or some other body part that may cause them chronic pain or difficulty getting around and doing normal daily activities, the quality of life that they have is diminished.

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