Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Critical Success Factors Case Study

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¶ … Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Critical Success Factors (CSF)

The CSFs for Outrigger hotels include insight and intelligence into how to attain greater loyalty from their customers, more effective use of their it systems across the eleven time zones the company operates in, more efficient use of their legacy ERP system (JD Edwards) and Stellex transactional databases to drop the costs of operation, more efficiency of supply chain operations through the use of it. Compounding all of these factors is the need for greater integration of these enterprise system investments to business strategies. The culture of Outrigger Hotels sees it as a cost and potential roadblock, not a series of solutions for enabling higher levels of performance. The adoption of the Open Travel Alliance (OTA) XML standard by Outrigger will help to make the years of investment in it systems more valuable and relevant to their strategies. Studies of the OTA XML standard have shown that when five or more systems are integrated together with a distributed hospitality business, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) drops by 54% over the first three years of integration (Jackson, 20, 21). Outrigger needs to keep moving in the direction of integrating systems together, using industry standards to ensure they can bring greater agility to their business strategies as a result.

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TOPIC: Case Study on Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Critical Success Factors Assignment

Outrigger is struggling to make the most out of their it systems, often relying on smaller clusters of it servers and platforms to accomplish what really needs to be accomplished company-wide. Many hospitality providers rely on JD Edwards ERP systems for their operations often with only a portion of their goals being achieved (Nayar, Beldona, 1008, 1009).… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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