Ovid and Li PO Essay

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Essay on Ovid and Li PO Assignment

According to the introduction to Ovid's "Metamorphosis," the poet Ovid, although greatly admired for his dazzling rhetorical displays of poetic wit and genius, was banished from the Augustan court because of his rather flippant attitude towards morality: "The Emperor Augustus was trying hard, by propaganda and legislation, to revive old Roman standards of morality and Ovid's Art of Love," as well as Ovid's other literary works, were "not exactly helpful." This can be seen in "The Metamorphosis" where even the supposed victory of female chastity, as in the section entitled "Daphne and Apollo" becomes sexualized. The nymph Daphne begs to be transformed into a tree with the words: "O help me, / if there is any power in the rivers, / Change and destroy the body which has given / Too much delight!" But Apollo is still capable of loving her appearance and sensuality emerges victorious as the laurel branches become the god's… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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