Essay: My Own Modest Proposal

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¶ … Modest Proposal

Global warming has grown to be one of the most debated topics currently being discussed among leaders from around the world. This issue is particularly important, especially given that its aftermath can be observed more and more often. Although there currently are a series of individuals actively involved in restoring nature and reducing some of the main elements causing the planet to warm, matters are yet to be resolved and people are slowly but gradually heading toward a catastrophe. One of the key matters that need to be taken into consideration is the fact that Global warming is actually providing the general public with a motive to increase greenhouse gas production and to gain more profits from pollutant industries.

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of fossil fuels, given that they are mainly responsible for making the technology today possible. Some people are apparently too ignorant to observe that fossil fuels still exist in large quantities and that it would be extremely costly to reform society so as for this source of energy to be left behind. Why on earth would someone want to abandon a very efficient product in order to adopt newer and (from my point-of-view) more controversial products? One can virtually consider that people interested in leaving fossil fuels behind are eccentrics that are reluctant to stick to practical solutions. A serious society needs to concentrate on practicality before thinking about design, as the latter generates larger expenses and is in most cases unlikely to put across effectiveness.

The feeling one gets while using a car that runs on fossil fuels is incomparable, as the sound, the power, and the smell coming from the exhaust are some of the first elements that most contemporary people think about when relating to a car. Global warming has come to be an… [END OF PREVIEW]

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