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Another step towards the realization of sustainable development was developing and implementing conservation as well as management measures both in the national and the regional levels. These measures would make sure that fisheries' resources got utilized in a sustainable manner. In addition, policies and plans that regulated the way waste was managed were to be developed and implemented. Pollution of the environment is a major drawback in developmental efforts therefore it is important to determine how waste will be managed in order to conserve the environment. Efforts to achieve sustainable development in countries in the Pacific region were being hindered by lack of energy sources that were environmentally friendly and affordable. The Pacific Plan came up with a recommendation that the 'Pacific Islands Energy Policy' and other related strategic action plans be implemented so that communities in the Pacific Islands would get access to affordable and reliable energy that would not harm the environment.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Pacific Plan Is a Document Assignment

The Pacific Plan also proposed that the potential expansion of 'Regional Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET)' programmes be investigated because it would provide a chance to the people in the region to utilize existing opportunities in tourism, hospitality, seafaring and healthcare among other opportunities once the training programmes became standardized.. In addition it would ensure that technical qualifications became more portable. A major challenge that MDG efforts in reduction of poverty face is prevalence of sexually transmitted Infections (especially HIV / AIDS) and non-communicable diseases. The Pacific Plan strategized to harmonize approaches in the health sector in countries in the region. This was to be done under the 'Samoa Commitment' and was aimed at improving health in the region. Most countries being affected by poverty and unemployment show statistics that youths form the biggest percentage of the citizens without income venues. In the Pacific Plan were specified policies to enhance how youth programmes could be advocated for and also coordinated and how they could be monitored.

Problems relating to bad governance were projected to be addressed through increased transparency, gender equity, efficiency in governance mechanisms and increased accountability. This was to be achieved through creation of regional support that would ensure consolidation of commitments of major institutions. The regional support would also ensure commitments to leadership codes, anti-corruption bodies, and senior judicial institutions were consolidated. Regional support would also extend to Forum Principles that encouraged good leadership as well as accountability in office (Stiglitz 13). Additionally, governance mechanisms would get enhanced and the various modern and traditional values as well as structures harmonized. For transparency and accountability purposes, statistical and information systems and also databases in both the regional and national levels would get upgraded and extended across all networks. In the areas deemed appropriate, the Pacific Plan projected to ratify and implement human rights conventions in the regional and global spheres. The policies agreed on would be supported and necessary authorities to report to would be specified.

Regarding security concerns, the Pacific Plan planned to develop and implement strategies as well as some legislation that would ensure maritime security and aviation surveillance and security were improved. Another security measure was to implement a security cooperation strategy that extended across regions so that border security would be easily managed (Boxall 22). The ability of law enforcement agencies to perform their duties effectively plays a major role in ensuring that criminal activity is contained. The Pacific Plan therefore projected to strengthen training of law enforcement groups and how they coordinated and engaged in attachments. Policies that focused on how natural disasters were mitigated and managed were also to be developed and implemented. Once all the measures to eradicate development challenges were put into action, progress was expected to be observed.

There are some elements that cause critics to regard the Pacific Plan as a 'sham'. The document, for example, is not a legal one but rather one created from a political initiative. Since there are no strict requirements that would result in legal action in case of non-compliance, the critics consider that it is not bound by legal obligations and therefore it can be used to serve individual selfish needs. The fact that the regional frameworks and processes in the document concentrate excessively on the regional level means that action in national levels is given minimal attention. This leads the critics to conclude that the document does not have the needs of the locals at heart but rather only serves to achieve political needs of Forum leaders. This conclusion is based on the mentality that policies and legal frameworks in the document emphasize on regional needs hence to a point disregard local needs.

Another element is the numerous priorities in the document which include the objectives that were stipulated as the document was drafted and the new objectives that get included over time (Stidsen 58). A document that can be relied on should first review progress of original objectives before including new objectives. However, the Pacific Plan has been adding other priorities because of other challenges that emerge in the region. These new objectives are being included yet some of the initial objectives are still lagging. This raises the question of whether the document is outlining strategic objectives that are too broad to be achieved.

In conclusion, the Pacific Plan is a document whose origin can be traced back to the initial decision of Pacific Leaders to embark on regional integration efforts. In 2005, the document got officially written with the aim of making cooperation and integration in the region stronger. The objectives of the document were summarized into four general objectives. Various strategies were formulated to ensure each of these objectives got achieved. There are some critics who regard this document as a 'sham', for instance, because it is yet to become a legal document.

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