Packaging Material There Are Various Packaging Materials Research Paper

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Packaging Material

There are various packaging materials that are used in the daily transport of goods across the globe. There is always a pursuit to get the most efficient packaging and one that is most efficient in getting the goods safely to the destination. These packaging material always come with varied advantages that make transporters to go for them, on the other hand, they also have various disadvantages that accompany them.

There is the paper-based shipping container that is widely used in moving goods. The advantage of such a transport mode is that is environment friendly as it can be recycled or re-used 100%, it is also noted to be light hence does not add unnecessary weight to the carriers. The paper-based containers are also noted to be easy to manipulate since they can be stapled together during packaging or even just glued together and the packaging is complete. This then allows the packaging to take various shapes and sizes without much problems and it is worth noting that it gives as easy printability (Food Communications Information Services, 2012).

This method has its disadvantages as well since it does not provide any protection against moisture or water to the goods that are on transit. The paper packaging cannot as well accommodate a heavy load and may easily disintegrate upon bearing heavy weights.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Packaging Material There Are Various Packaging Materials Assignment

The other category is the wood-based shipping containers which apparently is widely used due to its features despite the disadvantages that it has. Wood-based containers will provide adequate protection to the items that are under transport if they happen to be fragile, with a foam lining, wood-based containers are the best. Wood is also reusable as the demolished containers can easily be used to make other pieces of furniture hence reducing the wastage of the material. Wood can also be custom cut into crates of the required sizes and the items to be transported fitted into it without needing much effort or resources… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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