Packaging Print Design Research Paper

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Packaging Print Design

What print methods might you consider for the first smaller runs?

Primarily the retail packaging is for a new product. It must be flexible and cost friendly and be able to be produced fast and in small quantities. While it does not matter whether it is a 3 or four color prints, what matters is the number of cartons to be printed. Economies of scale can be arrived at with, for example, web offsets if the cartons are going to be printed in large qualities. Since the trial run will be in small quantities, it is better to consider the machinery based on least cost and high efficiency for that purpose and then if successful move to other options for bulk prints. Many alternatives are available and these include: flexography, offset lithography, and rotogravure which are the conventional methods while modern simpler methods involve the use of, screen printing in digital, ink jet, and rotary. (Malenke, 2010)

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Based on the requirements of the industry for which the package is made, the choice of printing ought to be made. In this case the labor intensive screen prints are not an issue because the printing is to be done in China. To consider if flexography can be used for this purpose for bulk is ideal because of some advantages that the mode gives. However for the initial printing requirements one has to consider the run length and for shorter version the offset lithography is better. Likewise the sustainability can be achieved by using the sheet fed 'Offset Lithography' which is the best choice as it has been around for a long time and used in folding cartons. It can be used with both coated and uncoated paperboard. Added to that, cartons can be manufactured at about 16,000 iph -- Impressions per hour. (Malenke, 2010) This is ideal for the trial printing because such presses are operational and low cost all over the world. Therefore considering the cost and production volume the initial order must be to use the 'Offset Lithography' for the first run.

2) Would you change to a different method if the product does well and goes into larger production runs? Justify your reasoning and considerations

Research Paper on Packaging Print Design Assignment

If the trial succeeds then it is to be remembered that all shipments will have to meet the expectations of the standards of the United States. Further there may be changes needed in the design and even the 3 color print can be changed to multicolor print and this without much necessity of changing plates can be achieved either with the Lithography suggested for the short run print or can be improved by changing the printing method. For a bulk printing process the important thing to see is if costs come down with the increase in the volume… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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