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¶ … Paintbrush -- My Artist's Pen:

Why a Paintbrush is an Essential Item to create my Art on Canvas

My paintbrush is like my right hand -- or my best friend. It is an implement, an item, and a tool. But it is also like a friend, for whenever I wish to express myself, it is always there to help me speak on the canvas, and to unburden my soul through the use of lines, textures, and shading. This is why a paintbrush is such a unique and necessary part of the creation of my art, and perhaps every person's development of artistic skills, even if the artist ultimately chooses another medium to pursue professionally. Yes, art can be made with many other tools. Art can be molded from clay. Art can be sprayed from a bottle of paint. Art can be created from cutting into the surface of stone. Art can be created with computer graphics. But because of the paintbrush's ability to spread color and create images as a painting tool, because of its ability to create different marks and textures with the brush fibers, and because of the paint brush's ability to be used when creating art with other media, the paintbrush remains an essential part of my artist's tool kit and every developing artist's tool kit.

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First of all, a painting brush can be used in many different ways to create art, even in a single work. A paintbrush is commonly used for painting, and to use it well is important for an artist, just as learning to blend colors, or to observe and plan the subject and the perspective of the painting carefully, when working from life. No matter how many people create art with other artistic media, from computer dots to a block of granite, painting will always have a uniquely important place in the history of Western art. This is one reason why it is so important, too, for art students seeking to learn about artistic technique and to find their voice as artists, to learn how to use a paintbrush. When a student uses different kinds of paintbrushes, paint, and techniques of painting, the student can better understand and learn from great works of Western painting. Learning how to use the paintbrush in one's own art better enables the student to draw from the works of the past, and use these works to fire his or her own artistic imagination in the future.

Term Paper on Paintbrush -- My Artist's Pen: Why a Assignment

Yes, sketching is the first thing a student learns. But painting in color is the next logical step to learning how to become an artist. From learning how to create black and white sketches, artists proceed to painting to show the world in bright and unique colors. Although a knife or even fingers can be used to create art through sculpting or splattering on paint, brushes are still the 'pen' of the artist's trade, from which other techniques begin. An artist learns how to use a brush before he or she tries other, newer approaches to painting on canvas. Color through the use of the brush can be used to make the viewer feel something, even from a distance,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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