Painting as a Leisure Activity Term Paper

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S. Department of Commerce) reported that 18,624 citizens of the U.S. took international flights for "leisure and visiting friends/relatives" in the year 2002. As to how many of those "leisure" travelers used their time abroad to paint, that's a question with no answer. As to how many of those travelers who did paint overseas, and who enjoyed it - one can easily speculate that it was a very high percentage. As Churchill said in his book, "Even if you are only a poor painter you can feel the influence of the scene, guiding your brush, selecting the tubes you squeeze on to the palette."


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Peace of Selby Wilderness (2003). Painting Workshop with Karen Austen.

Pochade Boxes (2003). Guerrilla Painter: Plein air painter traveling light, with wet

Term Paper on Painting as a Leisure Activity Assignment

Paintings completely protected, always read to paint at a moment's notice.
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