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The shapes lose their definition up close because of the way the style is handled.


When one steps back and observes the painting it changes and becomes a complete picture. The buildings look real and the water is water. The lighting affect blends together with the green and the white and the different blues to give the impression of water and reflections off of that water. The panting begins to look different as soon as the backing up process begins. Looking at it as one walks back a few feet allows the painting to become more clear as the step backs occur. The buildings become very defined and the openings such as doors and windows become much more clear.

The light reflecting off of the water is perceived differently from up close and from far away. The light is very loosely defined up close and does not actually look like reflected light. When one steps away from the painting the reflection of light becomes clear. It actually fulfills its purpose and it illuminates the rest of the work and the paintings story. The reflection of lights off the water is evidenced when one sees the way the eyes are drawn to various parts of the painting that the light draws the eyes to.

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Within the reflection of the water in lights it becomes obvious as one walks away that the buildings are reflected in the water. Close up one cannot see as clearly that the buildings are being reflected in the water. It is one of the things impressionism is well-known for. The use of primary colors and dabs of seemingly nothing are use to put together to provide a total picture that looks much more defined at a distance because of the way the dabs and the colors are used.

One of the most interesting things about long standing famous artists is seeing if their style changes over time. Famed artist Picasso did two works that were 30 years apart At first glance the paintings look slightly similar to each other but when one takes a second look one will discover the vast difference in the two.

Term Paper on Paintings and Gives Opinions About Assignment

In his painting called, Les Demoiselles, Picasso worked to give the viewer a true sense of how he felt about people and in particular females. In Guernica he had broadened his concerns and had moved from individual person emotions to the feelings he had about some of the political events that were occurring in the world.

Picasso's style did change over the years but in other areas his style remained the same. The way he drew the body is not very different between the two pictures but when one examines the paintings more closely there are many other things that did change.

At first glance the biggest difference of course is that one is in color and the other one is in black and white. It is interesting to surmise why this may have happened. He was well-known throughout his career for his use of color. The fact that he chose not to use it in the later painting makes a statement about the depth of despair he felt surrounding the event he painted. The massacre was done in black and white perhaps to change the heart of the viewer to feel the deadened numbness that the artist felt as he finished the work. The color in the first painting is vibrant and it is angry. As we age we become more jaded. As young adults many people are filled with ideals and values and they go out into the world determined to change it for the better and make others feel the depth of their emotion. As people age and they face many of life's bumps and bruises they often lose their edge and their ability to become as animated as when they were younger. This seems to be the case between these two paintings. One in vibrant angry, idealistic color while the second one, three decades later, is filled with numb and jaded black and white images. Another difference between the two paintings is the expression used in the faces. The earlier painting has missing eyes for the most part and the facial expressions are those of angry people. The second painting is about anger, and despair but the actual expressions seem filled with fear. The difference in the years in the two paintings is illustrated in the fact that the eyes become more defined. The later painting provides evidence that as Picasso aged he began to understand people better and he accepted their emotions and their differences.

Another difference in the two paintings is the way he shaped the bodies. The earlier painting provides bodies with sharp defined lines in the physical body.

The political statement being made in the later painting changes the style used to present the emotion. The numb and sad state of affairs are in the expression of those in the painting. The earlier painting shows the anger and the emotion that a young adult can feel while the political statement shows the fear, and the utter despair that years of oppression can cause.


All of these paintings illustrate the styles that were used in their creation. Painting is not painting without change. Each painting ends up being a style or a combination of styles and that style provides a vehicle for the feelings and emotions that are felt… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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