Palestine Conflict Term Paper

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They developed a governmental form that worked to accommodate at least to some extent the cultures the conquered.

However, by the time Islam had reached present-day Spain, a highly Christian and Catholic area, Europeans were alarmed by the spread of this culture and religion. Arab power had reached its peak by the 10th century. Westerners responded with the Crusades, which took place in the 11th and 12th centuries. The Crusades had both religious and economic goals. The Crusaders wanted to see the Holy Land under the control of Christians. At the same time, they were looking for a safer and more economical route to Asia, so they could trade for such things as spices and silk. During this time, while Europe was challenging Arab power from the West, Mongols were attacking from the East (Ismael, 1999). Except for Egypt, the area was racked by wave after wave of warfare (Ismael, 1999). Many Arabs see this sort of grabbing for their resources going on today over oil, and when Westerners attempt to broker peace, suspect that they want peace in the region only to assure the free flow of crude oil from the MIddle East (Ismael, 1999).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Because these events brought down a great civilization, the Crusades, little more than an intriguing chapter in Western history, was part of a cataclysmic series of events in Arab history that changed their course forever, events brought because outsiders wanted rights to their lands. So while Westerners interested in the Arab-Israeli conflict may look at issues starting in 1947, or perhaps when European Jews first started migrating to Palestine
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