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However, when they felt that Palestine was not taking this seriously, they reversed their steps which paved way for yet another failed effort (Erin, 143)

The Road Map for Peace was an agreement designed by America, EU, UN and Russia. All the countries agreed for the formation of an independent state of Palestine. It was the first one in which the country would get the status of being a separate state. The planned objectives were for both countries to end violence and live in harmony with each other. Failure of the plan was due to in cooperation from both sides. Out of all the peace accords ever proposed, the road map to peace b [picked up some pace after the death of Yasser Arafat. The achievements however were reversed due to continued attacks from Islamic extremist groups Hamas and because of failure of Israel to pull out its troops.

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Currently, Palestine resolution was accepted and it got the status of an observer non-member state in the United Nations. (Rashid) For the Palestinians, who have been oppressed since years, this was a step to celebrate for. However, the changes that are expected in the future don't look so smooth. Mahmoud Abbas who is the chairman of Palestine stated that this act did not de legitimize Israel but it accepted Palestine as a sovereign state. The Palestinians can now claim their ownership on the Gaza Strip, east Jerusalem and the West Back. The country can now take part in discussions in the general assembly. The most important effect of this is that Palestine can now also go the International Criminal Court for any crimes against humanity that Israel commits. (Rashid)

Term Paper on Palestine How Would You Feel Assignment

The United States has always been on the side of the Jewish people. Right from the beginning, when the European leaders were against the partition and they persisted that this would lead to chaos, President Harry. S. Truman supported the act of partition. (Neff 74) Many decades later, United States is still in full support of Israel. The Positive effects of Israel are that the United States has a strong economic alliance. Much of the revenue from known franchises is under the hold of Jews. Any action that the U.S. takes against the favor of the Jewish population, can lead to chaos in the country and worldwide. However, it does become a target of hatred for the Muslim countries that are supporting Palestine. If looked at in the broader picture, Palestinians are being oppressed to a horrific extent. This would leave many countries favoring against Israel and in turn against U.S. As well. Apart from its relations with Muslim countries affect, United States could risk its allies with other nations as well. Merely on the basis of humanity, they can challenge that why U.S. is in support of air strikes that kills thousands of Palestinian kids. In case, America did not support Israel, its position would become very weak in this conflict. Israel even though can't dismantle Iran's nuclear program, is declaring full support for America when American plans an attack on Iran. (Yoffie) In case America takes away its support for Israel, Israel is left vulnerable not only to the Arabic states surrounding its borders but to Iran a well.

In my opinion, the conflict can never been resolved due to the religious attachment both groups have with Jerusalem. Even if the land and territory disputes are resolved, both sides have their religious groups that will always fight and argue for the hold of Jerusalem. This city holds holy value for both religions and thus both of them want to control it really badly. Those who are in favor of Muslims and the mere fact that Arabs inhabited Palestine before the Jews would vote for Muslim control over Jerusalem. The Jews, for whom the place matters a lot, won't agree to it either. Cooperation and religious tolerance is lacking from both groups in order to attain peace in the end. Had both groups put religion on the side and tackled this issue on the basis of territory dispute, it could be resolved easily.


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