Paradise Lost Book IX Term Paper

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Paradise Lost Book IV suspect the Morning Star's overzealous heart burdens unfortunate jealousy over my new creation, Man. His unrelenting mischief is nigh. That is why I have deplored Uriel as my messenger to inform Gabriel, my second in command of Angels, to be my eyes and ears. There goes Uriel now, leaving a shaft of light behind him. Oh, the Heavens are shaking the stars' alignment! A foul odor, ever expanding, attempts to breach the gate! There goes the sly serpent from the north. Beware! Satan hath other means of direction to segue beyond earthly elements, and to stealth his way into paradise. Gabriel, may you be my Charge and my Compass.

Silence appeases the Garden and Night blankets every pore of earth's secretion. No want or will of evil haunts this Heavenly hour or dare awakens conscience. Even the Nightingale sings the evening tune of golden slumbers. Adam, may night drape and unfurl you with peaceful songs, for the daylight sings a different tune. The sun will peer its head over the horizon, and every blade of grass will have awakened. The labors of the land are the labors of your soul. Every branch, leaf and flower will sing a mutual understanding of the labors you will perform.

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Eve, you question the gratitude that you have been freely granted. You say that you have forgotten time, the lapsing of the seasons, but your words say something else. Be careful, for you do not carry heavy uncertainties, queries whose branches outweigh the head and heart, for a lion does not take on the hunt by itself, nor does a twig break a swallows back for which it uses to mend a home. Be careful Eve, words intend more then they speak. You have become unseemly aware. Who told you that your eyes were shut?

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General Ancestor', your name speaks deceit. You labor yourself as the Ancient One when it was thou "I am" that is and always will be before time. The future nations you speak of are of your architecture. Let these unseen cities be the weight of the arrow that pierces your heart into watery fathoms below. Dark matter trails behind you like the tail of a comet. The waste left behind that comet hath no foundation for a secondary earth. Your rule is temporal. However, do not act in haste for the choice of humankind has not yet been marbled in stone.

These are my closing words. Adam and Eve, take heed, for the narrative that tells of your foreboding does not bind me. I am all things possible. Words I… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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