Parent Education Program Children Essay

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To counterbalance such risky behaviors, professionals develop parent education programs that provide methods that limits teen are the chances of risky conducts (Bavolek, 2005).


The major elements of well-assessed or evidence-based programs serve as principles for the design, implementation, and valuation of parent education programs. Programs focused on achieving quality practices in parent education programs consider both the program and population characteristics. By adhering to the quality practices in parent education programs, practitioners can enhance their opportunities of delivering programs that will anchor parenting and improve the welfare of the children. Implementation of established programs requires caring and skilled staffs with positive parent-child relationships and children's growth (Barth, et al., 2005).


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Barth, R.P., Landsverk, J., Chamberlain, P., Reid, J.B., Rolls, J.A., Hurlburt, M.S., et al. (2005). Parent-training programs in child welfare services: Planning for a more evidence-based approach to serving biological parents. Research on Social Work Practice, 15(5), 353-371.

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TOPIC: Essay on Parent Education Program Children and Assignment

Mennen, F.E., & Trickett, P. (2006). Parenting Attitudes, Family Environments, and Psychopathology in Maltreating and Non-Maltreating Urban Parents, San Antonio, TX. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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