Parental Involvement With Educating Children Essay

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al., 1999). There is a direct positive relationship between parental involvement and student motivation (Gonzalez-DeHass et. al, 2005).

Ways to Reinforce Learning

In the schools children are more conformed to formal learning; a teacher teaching the material. Parents can make learning fun and exciting for their children. Parents can reinforce Math lessons during dinner, where they count or measure. They can reinforce computer learning by playing games on the computer. Kindergartens learn to read, and there are many fun games parents can play with their children. There are fun websites such as, where parents can teach their kids to read, do Math and many more leaning, which is fun and exciting for the children. "Trips to the zoo, park and museum give children the opportunity to experience firsthand what was discussed in school" (Ostach, 1990).

Teachers Helping with Home-Based Learning

Teachers can work together with parents to help create a home-based learning environment. Many teachers have found that giving the children adequate homework that support the lessons is a good way to get the parents involved. Teachers can welcome the involvement of parents, and provide handouts about upcoming topics to be discussed. Teachers can give parents information about programs like No Child Left Behind and solicit their help in preparing children for such programs (GAO, 2007).


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In conclusion parents should be involved in every aspect of their children's lives. There are many benefits to parental involvement in their children's education, especially in the early years of academic life. The research has shown that children whose parents are involved have a higher level of self-image, which leads to higher academic achievement. Parents can become involved with assisting their children with assignments, reinforcing studies, help furthering materials learned by relating it to real life. Parents can become creative and find ways to help the learning process become more fun and exciting. Teachers can help parents create a learning environment at home.


Essay on Parental Involvement With Educating Children Assignment

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