Parenting Style Can Be a Potentially Contentious Term Paper

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Parenting style can be a potentially contentious and sensitive issue, and arguments relating to parenting can tear apart marriages, intimate relationships, and friendships. The disparity between different parenting styles exacerbates an already difficult issue and can confound new or even seasoned parents. However, parenting styles are ultimately about the children. Proper parenting might not invariably lead to perfect children, but parenting styles can definitely impact the emotional, social, and psychological development of the child. Because of this, it is important for parents or parents-to-be to learn about different parenting styles and discover the means toward becoming the best parent possible. While there is no blueprint to "good" parenting, some parenting styles can generally be considered better than others in terms of the outcome for the child. Moreover, disagreements about parenting styles can be solved through a thorough investigation of the pros and cons of each style. Parenting styles are generally classified into three or four main categories: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and neglectful. Of these four, the authoritative style is optimal, as it allows for a natural development of the child's sense of moral responsibility, common sense, confidence, and kindness. The authoritative style, also referred to as the consultant or counselor style, differs from the authoritarian style in three main respects: responsiveness to misbehavior; responsiveness to the child's needs; and the framing of the parent's needs, desires, and demands.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Parenting Style Can Be a Potentially Contentious Assignment

Responding to misbehavior is the hallmark of parenting style; when the child misbehaves, the parents establish their disciplinary patterns and boundaries. The authoritarian parent responds to unwanted behavior misbehavior with less of a tendency to overreact than the authoritarian parent, also known as a drill sergeant. The drill sergeant's ultimate goal is control over the child, whereas the counselor parent's ultimate goal is to teach the child respect and social norms. For example, if a child throws a temper tantrum in a store, the authoritative parent might yell back at the child or slap him or her. The authoritative parent could also react with a stern lecture, telling the child he or she is bad. The drill sergeant parent would also go through list of "thou shalt nots." On the other hand, the authoritative parent would first respond to the temper tantrum by taking a deep breath, escorting the child outside of the public area if necessary. There, the parent would try to talk to the child to find out what is bothering him or her and try to decipher his or her needs or wants. If that isn't possible, the parent offers a set of choices regarding the child's behavior. For example, the parent could say, "You can continue to pout or you can have that new toy you want: the choice is yours." Alternatively, the authoritarian parent might opt to say something like "Please try to tell me what you need in a calm voice; I'm much more likely to listen to what you say that way." Basically, the difference between the authoritative and authoritarian parenting styles in terms of misbehavior is that the authoritarian parent initiates rational communication whereas the authoritarian parent reacts out of frustration, anger, and other basic emotions.

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