Parenting Style Term Paper

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Parenting Style

The impact of parenting style on development

The parenting style that has had the most pervasive influence on my personal growth and development is commonly known as the authoritative style. This is the style that I intend to use with the regard to the development of my two children and which, I believe, produces the most constructive results.

Parenting styles are described as theoretical constructs that are "...used to capture normal variations in parents' attempts to control and socialize their children" (Huang & Prochner, 2004). Any particularly theory of parenting is intended to determine parental response as well as parental demand in terms of their expectations of the way their child is nurtured and socialized. There are four main styles of parenting that are most often discussed in the literature. These are "authoritative, permissive, authoritarian and disengaged / neglectful" (Seddon, 2003, p. 26).

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Of these I have chosen the authoritative as opposed to the authoritarian mode of parenting as the central style for the development of my children. This choice is largely due to the balance between care and instruction as well as the more democratic and open model of parenting that the authoritative model presents. As the following discussion will make clear, the choice of this style is based on my own experiences in my family where I was raised with firm boundaries and rules but also with an equally firm knowledge that I was loved and cared and that the rules and limits where there for my protection and guidance and not as an obstacle to my personal growth and development. This is therefore a style of balanced parenting that I would like to use in the parenting of my own children

Term Paper on Parenting Style Assignment

In essence the authoritative style is a mode which is based on a balance between acceptance and openness and limits and rules. It is also a style that as been positively associated with the development of self-esteem as well as social competence and achievement in children. This style has also been found to "...promote more resilience in children and be more 'protective' of them..." (Seddon, 2003, p. 26/27) the central aspect which attracts me to this style is the fact that it balances instructional aspects and limitation with openness and discussion. In other words, it is a style which accommodates the feelings and aspirations of the parent and the child and is both nurturing and instructional.

This style therefore tends to satisfy my central view of what parenting should be all about. As Seddon (2003) states, there are two main tasks in parenting. These are; " provide a loving… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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