Paris Is Burning Film Review

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Paris Is Burning

Discuss the film's introductory material -- Were you provided with background or introductory information to orient you about what you were going to be viewing? If not, did it pose a problem in your understanding of the film?

In the documentary film "Paris is Burning" there is little in the way of an opening that includes any background or introductory information. The film opens in New York in 1987 which is displayed in lettering in the initial opening of the movie. It then proceeds to offer a quote and then portrays a "ball" and then rolls into an interview with Pepper LaVasia who speaks about being the "mother" of the house who rules with a soft glove. It does give some information that explains some aspects of the "ball" from different perspectives illustrated through interviews yet there is little context provided from a narrator or other sources. Give the culture that this documentary is focusing on, I did not personally think that this detracted from the film in anyway. Even with the assistance of a narrator, it would have still been difficult to understand the culture. Therefore maybe it was best just to let the participants describe the "ball" and what it means to them to let the films viewers build a picture from this.

2) Music/sound -- Was there any music during the film? If so, what kind, and what role did it play? Did it enhance the scene (or scenes) where it was used? Did it distort the film in any way?

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There was music in the background in the film that played at different times during the film. It seemed to be used mostly in transitions or music played in the background of ball scenes. It had an enhancing effect though it was not that prominent. It was necessary to give the viewers a taste of the music that the subculture listened to so that they could understand this element of this culture. I did not feel it distorted the film at all.

TOPIC: Film Review on Paris Is Burning Assignment

3) Narration -- Was there any type of Narration describing the scenes? If yes, how did… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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