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A really enjoy drawing each other in class. We see each other in class as both artist and subject and this makes for very interesting perceptions. One thing I have learned in class is that seeing and perception can be very different from each other. Perception really involves a direct experience with who or what we are seeing.

I think that's one of the other reasons why I like charcoal as a mode of expression. Although using color can be a vibrant addition to expressing what you see, I feel that charcoal and pencil in some cases can concentrate on the features of your subject. It can be a medium that allows you to blend imagination and form and expression with a passion that does not elicit itself in paint.

Drawing really allows us to translate what we see by constructing an image that goes beyond what would be captured by a camera. The great part about drawing each other in class is that we also have a sense of who is behind the face and the form that we draw. This takes on a very different persona than drawing famous people that we don't really know. Although that provides a different form of expression, it is less internalized than drawing from real life.

There is no one thing I can pinpoint as not particularly liking. Perhaps working in just the medium I like best but than I would not be exposed to other possibilities and forms of expression. For the most part, class has been a good experience and has provided me with an opportunity to test my skills, determine my style and express myself through lines and form.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Particularly What You Have Done Assignment

For me, drawing is a manifestation of several things -- my inner self, my sense of what art is, what I see through the naked eye and my subject. It is a complimentary blend of all these factors that contribute to the eventual drawing that I complete. It is the opportunity to make something… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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