Partners for a Healthy Baby Program: Description of a Program Coordinator Research Paper

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Job Description: Partners for a Healthy Baby (Program Coordinator)

Job Description

Organization Description

There are certain needs of a woman after delivery of child, which is accompanied by low knowledge and curiosity. There is a certain type of help and assistance which is needed at all times by these women, and Healthy Baby is one such association, which provides such assistance. This program is aimed at mothers who have a child, and visits such women at their home, until the child turns one year in age. It supports and assists the new mom, by providing knowledge and education in matters related to healthcare and crucial functions associated with early parenting. This is a partner program with Florida State University for a Healthy Baby Home, which works in conjunction with local maternity units of hospitals, and referrals are provided by RN. The curriculum has been split into the subsequent age groups: prenatal, from 0 to 6 months, from 7 to 12 months, and lastly from 13 to 18 months.

Features of Program

Assisting families to cope with changes after childbirth.

Promoting a feeling of belonging and bonding between child and parents.

Helping early care of baby, and understanding crucial bodily motor functions and other biological needs.

Helping identification of problems; if any.

Promote parenting skills and esteem.

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TOPIC: Research Paper on Partners for a Healthy Baby Program: Description of a Program Coordinator Assignment

There is a complete detail regarding the job description and direction of command flow in this organization, which is very important to coordinate it as well. The Program Director and Program Coordinator are two people who burden the responsibility of finance related decisions and management of financial function. In programs where one or more positions report to an Educational specialist or Program Manager, these obligations may be delegated. The position obliges an extensive and definite understanding of national accreditation approaches and hospital strategies, and additionally a high degree of activity and free judgment. The obligations recorded underneath are an exhaustive rundown and might not relate to all program facilitator positions.

Provides help and meets frequently with the Program Chief concerning office administration issues and exercises as well as the status of current outreach projects. Distinguishes and assesses the routines for enhancing daily work procedures and program cost effectiveness and makes proposals for the training and growth and development of new recruits. The individual may also have to assist in policy making at the program level.

Provides both managerial supervision as well as assistance to local residents, newly recruited assistants along with colleagues.

Establishes connections with other healthcare agencies and maintains contacts with local hospitals, internal units, and departments in matters of hiring of residents, preparing interviews and tests, yearly programs and external replacements

Oversees office-level trainee supervision

Informs the local residents, new recruits as well as trainees of intradepartmental policies and strategy and process changes.

Develops, executes, and directs the support of documenting, record keeping, dissemination of materials, and different kinds of program and office systems. Assesses and institutionalizes office systems and viably investigates and finds solutions of emerging issues.

Maintains databases with local occupants and basic personnel information, including New Advancements.

Manages the evaluative procedures of the trainees, programs, workforce, as well as shift rotations.

Develops and disperses all call plans.

Organizes local gatherings and arranges and disperses materials for meetings and conferences (Partners Healthcare, 2013).

Position structuring and classifications guidelines on Human Resource Management theories and practices:

It is a very crucial function as far as the roles and responsibilities of this Program Coordinator is concerned. It includes one of the most intricate attributes that can be constituent of a job function, which is to provide service and support. Whereas most job profiles are focused towards the very basic function of earning a living. This function has a larger perspective, which is to support women in one of the most crucial moments of their life (Lawler, 1994). Such function needs very specialized and highly skillful personnel, who have the ability to look through the situation and act accordingly. Responsibility is another very major and decisive attribute, which is primarily required for this job, because understanding of responsibility can decide efficiency of a person in this job. The Program Coordinator needs to understand that the life involved in this function is that of a very young child, and how crucial this can be (Chatman, 1991; Kristof-Brown, Zimmerman, and Johnson, 2005). This is coupled with professional skills, which is needed to interpret and understand the vital statistics and reports associated with medical procedure and progress. At the early stage… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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