Pastoral Theology Essay

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Pastoral Theology

How theology has meaning for the pastoral ministry

The role of the minister in a community is crucial for the way in which that community develops in the good practices of the Lord and in the spirit of the Church. He represents a vital figure in the society and a respected individual of the community as a whole. However, this role and this position is provided not necessarily by the specific clothes he wears but by their significance in relation to the teachings of God. Theology plays in this case perhaps one of the most important parts in improving the knowledge of the priest and in this way in better knowing the advice and guidance the priest must provide to believers in every day situations as well as trying conditions.

The priest needs first and foremost a particular gift or divine guidance that is revealed in the dedication with which he studies the word of the Lord. "Many are called, few are chosen" is stated in the Bible. The future priest must exercise an inner calling from the early ages of adulthood and must live his life in full accordance with the rules of the Church and in complete harmony with the community he is based in. This is one of the first indications of his future calling and his commitment for the world of priesthood.

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Another element that is crucial for a good priest and a worthy voice in the community is that of the parents of the future priest. Education starts at home since the early years of life. A balanced education, with loving parents and considerate to the needs and requirements of the child is vital because it contributes to a balanced and harmonious development.

The most important part in becoming a good priest however lies in his desire and will to study theology as a means through which he can improve his skills and knowledge about God and develop new tools through which he can help the congregation. The interpretation of the will of God in a manner that is in accordance with the Church is crucial for the well being of that congregation.

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The leanings achieved through the study of religion allow the minister to consider aspects related to his own sermons and exercise as a priest. In this sense, for instance, "the fact is that our congregations comprise people who have indeed adhered to Jesus Christ and who are conscious both mentally and practically of what faith is and requires. For such people the sermon is an exhortation to help them proceed on the blessed path they have chosen. On the other hand, a good part of our Church constituency is formed of nominal Orthodox, who know of the Christian faith but have never… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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