Path-Goal Leadership Theory Research Paper

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I like to encourage and coach my subordinates to improve themselves, set higher goals, and I believe that showing concern and caring for my subordinates ultimately fosters a better organizational environment. However, because I am not a directive leader who penalizes deviations from the norm, David might be tempted to take advantage of my leadership style. Given that David wishes to please his superiors, I would stress to David how his sloppy approach to information and to timeliness affects his overall performance and cannot be ignored. I would set specific targets regarding his work habits and results from customer satisfaction surveys. I would also try to mentor him, noting how by setting a good example in terms of taking on unpleasant tasks or treating lower-level employees with respect, he would improve his image in the eyes of all employees. I would also suggest a program of action for David that included some form of leadership and interpersonal training to improve his relational style with others as well as his organizational skills and work habits.



1. Enroll David in a training course to improve overall work habits and interpersonal leadership style

2. Set specific goals with David regarding improved timeliness

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3. Discuss ways to improve customer satisfaction; suggest ways to ask for help rather than to refuse to admit a lack of knowledge: set goals regarding improved customer satisfaction

4. Devise improved interpersonal strategies with subordinates through role-playing; set goals regarding feedback evaluations from subordinates

5. Monitor the completion of tasks from beginning to end

Corporate on Path-Goal Leadership Theory Is a Assignment

6. Improve David's performance ratings as a leader on a holistic fashion; have David behave as an employee in as exemplary a manner as he requires of his… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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