Pathophysiology of Pain Essay

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Although science has not yet proved the exact reason for referred pain, it is largely believed that it is not central convergence mechanism, wherein the dorsal horn neurons diverge within the deep tissue. It is hypothesized that nociceptive input from the skeletal muscles refer to myotomes outside the areas of origin and are spread by central sensitization to spinal segments near the origin point.


In terms of diagnosis, the most important thing is to locate the underlying cause for the pain, whether it is acute, chronic, or referred (Woessner 2013). First, muscles, nerves, and tissues near the area of pain will be examined to determine if there is a direct cause of pain which can be linked to the patient. If this is not possible, then further examination and testing must be undertaken.

Acute pain is rarely, if ever, diagnosed as the sole problem of a patient because of the understanding that there must be a correlation between pain and causation. Referred pain also requires a cause for the discomfort and diagnosis of pain in and of itself is not acceptable in this context. Rather, the source for the pain must be ascertained for treatment. This is less true with chronic disease and chronic pain because in certain cases the pain itself is a disease, such as fibromyalgia.

Prescription of Treatment:

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Acute pain is usually treated with medications such as anti-inflammatory medication, narcotics like morphine or codeine, and acetaminophen (Acute 2008). In addition, acute pain can be treated by holistic methods such as acupuncture or relaxation techniques. It can also be treated with more invasive treatments like surgery. In referred pain, a similar course is usually undertaken. The priority is upon finding the cause for the pain and in treating that cause moreso than treating the pain for itself.

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TOPIC: Essay on Pathophysiology of Pain Is a Assignment

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