Patient Guide to the Internet Essay

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Patient's Guide To The Internet

Evaluation Criteria for Healthcare Websites

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The Internet has become the catalyst for a multitude of information and knowledge sharing websites, portals and vast databases and data marts that provide consumers with healthcare information. There are many that are reputable, high quality websites for healthcare information on the Internet. There are just as many if not more websites that seek to sell advertising based on how many visitors they can get to visit their sites. These types of companies and the websites they produce often don't consider information quality as important as Internet traffic, which is important to selling more advertising. Here are a set of criteria that can be used for determining which websites offer accurate, high quality healthcare information. First, websites who have been created to assist the general public with their healthcare questions and concerns state clearly what their mission and purpose are (p. 1781) (Stvilia, Mon, Yi, 2009). On the better websites there are also impendent medical review boards of healthcare specialists who review and audit the information provided. Websites who do not have these attributes may be more interested in selling advertising than being accurate with healthcare information. Second, there is a specific advertising policy defined that states only ads that meet their review process approval and are in good taste will be used. The advertising policy of a healthcare website also includes the right to remove an ad at any time (Lorence, Abraham, 2008). Third, there is a high level of privacy supported for anyone visiting the website, and in the well-operated healthcare sites there are considerations taken for how to protect the privacy of consumers. Look for websites that have received accreditation for the American HealthCare Accreditation Association and also from the TRUSTe Privacy Program (Lorence, Abraham, 2008).

Using Healthcare Evaluation Criteria Effectively

Essay on Patient Guide to the Internet Assignment

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