Patient Protection and Affordable Care Essay

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The act will promote and implement innovations for the training of the health workforce. It also includes the recruitment of new workforce and setting up of new workforce commission. The available workforce will be retained as the new workforce comes on board to supplement the available.

Another part of the act is that which will ensure transparency and program integrity. Under this, the health program will provide information to the public on the health systems available and in addition promote implementation of new set of requirements to curb fraud and abuse in both private and public programs (Wolper, 2004). The workforce will be trained on effective patient handling measures that will increase the trust of the patients in the healthcare providers.

However, there is nothing that is of the human making that is perfect. These progressive steps that the government has taken to improve the health care services are facing opposition because to implement they may be costly (Kovne et al., 2011). Such is the act that seeks to improve on the issue of infrastructure and health provision innovations. The cost of these innovations is quite high and the developing the infrastructure required is relatively expensive. This will affect the expenditure on health budget negatively. But considering the benefits that come with this act, the negative impact can be overlooked.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Assignment

In view of the healthcare act, all these initiatives for improving the health of Americans are equally significant. However, the single most initiation program that will significantly help provides affordable health care services and protection of the patients is that on the Health Insurance Reforms (Wolper, 2004). The insurance industry has been stealing millions of industrious Americans hard earned income. With all the sections of the health act on insurance in place, these inhuman organizations will have no choice but to give due to what the consumers pay for. Hence the policy will greatly improve on the national health care budget and expenditure (Kovne et al., 2011). Millions of dollars will be salvaged and directed to the right channels for use hence reducing the costs incurred by the government in providing these affordable health services and also for the consumer.

In conclusion, the implementation of the protection of the patients act and the provision of affordable health care is a significant step towards achieving a perfect fair national health management platform.


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