Patient Protection and Affordable Care Research Paper

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While federal government has the capability of maintaining deficits, states do not have this luxury. They have to balance out their budgets, so the PPACA is likely to present Since states are required to balance their budgets and not maintain deficits like the federal government, this will present an untenable affliction on spending costs (Owcharenko, 2005).

For a little over two years now, the PPACA is a law, with several intricate provisions addressing increased access to overall healthcare. Incrementally, the cost containment and improved care quality will be placed throughout various stages over the next decade. Health care administrators must comply with all elements and provisions listed in the PPACA law, so as to guarantee optimum patient care and ensure compliance with laws that affect insurance providers and businesses. The administrator may hire, train, and supervise staff, purchase supplies and equipment and prepare official reports (FLAHEC,

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Research Paper on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Assignment

The most influential dispute in the PPACA may be the long-term effect on the American economy. As of now, we are slowly recovering from the great recession of 2008, but it will be many years before we make a full recovery. Health care reform is complicated and it hopes to identify all facets of the health care system, with a single piece of legislation. While we may obtain better access to quality care, there may also become a financial burden with greater coverage, as well as penalties for not having insurance. . Employers must also conform to all requirements to cover their employees, but their costs will increase as well, especially with penalties for non-compliance. As a domino effect, the greater cost to employers could be passed to employees with lower hourly wages and decreased salaries. Continuing the domino effect, there will be higher prices for goods and services, while incurring cuts in salaries. Increased government spending is guaranteed and they will be solely in charge of providing care and financing for U.S. Citizens for many years. The questions that metaphorically speaking, remain the giant elephant in the room include:

Can the federal government obtain adequate savings to detract the cumbersome spending increases?

Can State governments follow federal PPACA guidelines?

Last but not least, is the PPACA legislation viable for long-term healthcare reform?

In conclusion, the analysis of PPACA legislation does not seem feasible for two reasons: the downtrodden state of our modern economy and the fact that this new law will increase government spending by over 250 billion dollars over the course of a decade. It does not seem the PPACA that has currently been enacted will be maintainable in it's original form. There will be many changes in state and federal government leadership over the next few years. All of the aforementioned problems will be challenged as new politicians enter the arena. In order to keep health care reform on track to benefit all Americans, many components of this law will be changed or repealed. It is the only way we may experience a more effective, less expensive health care system.


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