Patients Turn to Complementary Essay

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In line with this, they will analyze and document progress data of fellow nurses. During the implementation, the coordinator of the study will need to keenly monitor the process and be readily accessible to staff on the study units to give the needed direction. It is essential that follow-up as a reinforcement of the practice change be properly coordinated

Step 6: Integrate and Maintain the Change in Practice

In integrating combining traditional or western medicine with alternative or complimentary therapy, the research team will seek other nurses' feedback about feasibility and benefits related to the interventions highlighted above. In addition, in-service sessions concerning the new protocol will be presented to nurses caring for patients within the hospice centers. Moreover, periodic monitoring of the changes will be conducted to evaluate their effectiveness and improve upon them. It is important for practitioners to be sensitive to the cultural climate of the hospice center as an attempt to integrate these new innovations. This is because people affected by the change usually view it as disruptive.

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TOPIC: Essay on Patients Turn to Complementary and Assignment

According this PICOT worksheet, hospice nurses should have necessary skills and resources to appraise, synthesize, and diffuse a combination of traditional or western medicine with alternative or complimentary therapy in practice. In addition, patient outcomes should match discipline-specific and interdisciplinary accountabilities of hospice nurses. It is important for the intervention to increase patient symptom control, increase in patient comfort by combining conventional and alternative medicine and therapy. This program is a pilot that will follow the best practice guidelines in order to introduce and implement alternative therapy in hospice care. This program is well-structured following a simple framework for six months. There is need for ongoing and effective partnerships between researchers and hospice nursing in order to enhance the diffusion of evidence-based practice innovations.


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