Do NOT Pay College Athletes Essay

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Teams are supposed to be united in their quest for victories, not divided by their own self-interests. If college athletics cannot teach players to come together as a team because money is involved, money should probably not be involved at all.

Another con is that paying athletes puts a burden on smaller schools because they will never be able to pay the best athletes to come play on their courts or on their fields. The big schools will attract the top talent just like the big cities attract the top talent in the pro game. It would mean less opportunity for small schools to compete at the national level, and less revenue for them overall as they quickly find themselves unable to make the kind of TV deals they could make at one time. Players will be focusing more on money than on studies, and the entire system can become undermined as a result of money introduced into the game in this way. College athletes should be recognized for what they are first and foremost: students (Edelman, 2013). So maybe the focus should be on academics?

Solution: Give the Money to All Students, not Just Athletes!

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The reality is that money corrupts everything it touches. Colleges used to be places of learning and academic achievement. Now they are money machines, like LSU, recently implicated in the college admissions scandal, where so many wealthy parents were bribing LSU administrators and coaches to get their kids into the college. Athletes want to be paid to play, and the education being received is not even on anyone’s top list of priorities. Young adults are going to these schools to have fun, party, play games, go to games, and indulge. There is no emphasis on learning.

Essay on Do NOT Pay College Athletes Assignment

The question should not be whether or not student-athletes should be paid: the question should be, why are we going to school in the first place? If it is to become pro athletes, maybe the charade of pretending to be students should be dropped. Maybe colleges should be obliged to donate all their earnings from lucrative TV deals and ticket sales to some good cause—like more scholarships for the underprivileged.

When colleges can make billions off ticket sales and TV deals, their focus is not going to be on academics because school at that point becomes a big business. It sends the wrong message to its students and the student-athletes end up wanting a cut of the pie. They forget all about being students. They forget that they are really there to learn—not to be giants on the field.

The money should be taken out of schools—not given to student-athletes. It should be given to all students so that they can all have a chance to earn degrees and improve their futures. Too much emphasis is placed on athletics and money. More attention should be placed on the schools actually using that money they earn for a better cause.


In the great debate over whether student-athletes should be paid, the better question is: Why can’t we just focus on academics and quit throwing so much money at sports? If more money were put to use to give people an actual education, the nation would be better off as a whole. Instead of athletes and colleges thinking about themselves, maybe they should be thinking instead of the common good of all.

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