Payer - Good Metaphor, Bad Politics Article Critique

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¶ … Payer - Good Metaphor, Bad Politics

I am a believer of welfare state more than the concept of free market. Capitalism is good since it offers opportunities for growth and achievements and also it provides chances to live equitable lives. However, the self-responsibility of things is something often misused in capitalistic economies. Even in most developed countries like America, the government has started to directly and indirectly take its hands of the medical care of people. Insurance for example is becoming a sole personal burden gradually. I feel that the single payer concept is "panic in disguise."

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The author's thesis is that single payer is only a good metaphor but politically it is a bad policy. The objectives of a technocrat are way different than political objectives that are in public interest majorly. While many would blame the insurance system that is trying to put the burden on the individual, government is equally responsible for not making use of its policy making powers (What is Single Payer? 2013). The author suggests that there is no sense in having single source of financing the health insurance services. Rather the concept of single payer is ambiguous still there are always more than one parties involved in financing. The author makes sense by relating the concept of single payer to free market. He says that both are the reverse of each other. Even in free markets, not everybody is paying for himself or herself. In families, parents pay for their children and often for the old parents too. The house wife's insurance is paid by her husband etc. The author supported his argument by giving the example of gifts. These gifts are not paid for by the one who receives the gift. Hence, there is no such economy as single-payer. The idea can seem smart yet delusional.

Article Critique on Payer - Good Metaphor, Bad Politics I Assignment

Author presented satisfactory thesis and logic to back his argument. The author takes into account the possible counter agreement against his thesis. He says that it can be suggested that everybody spends in a pool from where the funds are used to pay for everybody. Yet, it should not be forgotten that not everybody pays equally. The author challenges the idea of single payer through paying in a pool because the pool does not contain all the same illnesses. If everybody was paying equally in the pool and getting same insurance, then the disease caught by everyone should be same too. However, people have different level of risks and ailments. Thus distributive justice becomes questionable. I agree with the author regarding universal access concept too. He says that those who negate cream-skimming in health insurance are wrong. The claims of offering universal access to health insurance services have no… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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