PC Moments the Present Era Business Plan

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The potential prospects we can target for the IT solutions that are provided by us, includes the people who work on management level positions in small, medium, and large organizations. They may be marketing managers, general managers, sales managers, and any other executive having the right and power to take quick decisions. These people emphasize on the importance of the information they often require in taking crucial decisions. As a result they are not usually price conscious and they do not spend much time in finding low price solutions. So it can be said that our potential prospects need premium IT solutions but they cannot have computer management personnel.

Moreover, those companies that are not quite capable of availing opportunities in new markets because of not having necessary technology will be entertained through an eye-catching growth alternative presented by us.

Target Market Segment Strategy

It is crucial to have an appropriate marketing message and right services. Our marketing strategy will evolve around the needs of the customers. To provide right service to the right customer on right time will be our ultimate objective. Special attention will be given to the pricing strategy, so that customer may find the best suitable service for their company. Moreover, we will emphasize on those companies who want to align their online marketing strategies with their key objectives, through using proactive and innovative approach. The purpose is to gain an edge over their competitors.

Market Needs

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Apart from the basic services we provide, we will concentrate on after sales services as well. These include customer support, training, installation, etc. In this regard, particularly those customers will be targeted which give high priority to these services and are ready to pay to enjoy them. Furthermore, we are also intended to target those customers which are dissatisfied from their current suppliers and are not getting enough support.

Business Plan on PC Moments the Present Era Assignment

Those companies which seek appropriate information technology solutions for their day-to-day operations, such as administration, accountancy, communications, data management, etc., will be targeted as well. As compare to other large organizations, these companies can not have Management Information System (MIS) departments.

Market Trends

The major trends are taking place in IT industry. Firstly, it is witnessed that a large number of new firms entered in the industry, and the ratio of new players entrance is increasing day by day. Secondly, it is also seen that computer has become an essential thing for every business. One can not survive in this modern era without having the computer technology. Moreover, it has also become necessary for companies to update their systems constantly, since everyday the computer companies have new and improved things to offer. Thirdly, the internet evolution is attractive to every business, each company wants to go online and align their marketing strategies with their key business objectives. Most of them want to have their own Local Area Network (LAN), but cost factor is a major obstacle in acquiring such networks.

Business Participants

This business offers various kinds of computers as we deal in the business of reselling computers.

Computer dealers: So far as the business activities of Computer Dealers are concerned, being computer resellers, rather they generally offer minimal software, very little support and services provision. In terms of prices, their trend of prices are commonly at the higher side as compared to larger stores. Therefore, their concern is to make as much shipment of their available stock as possible. However, in view of supplying their decent branded products, delivery, services and maintenance, of course they are overpriced.

Chain and Computer Stores: Depending upon the business volume, their business has spread over a huge size of area and location. Hence, they provide well mannered walk-in facilities together with warehouse type locations, enabling the customers to get their stuff in cartons and boxes for easy handling.

Computer Consultants: Having in-depth computer knowledge, they specifically provide consultancy services, as they have specialization for new systems installation. Therefore, their consultation charges are mainly very high, particularly for medium and small sized industries.

Competition and Buying Patterns

The major operators of result-oriented business, practical and market-oriented traders have qualities of complete understanding / dealing in the efficient computer related systems. The buyers tend to pay relatively more in case of promotional campaigns.

There is no denying the fact that we shall endeavor extensively against those who are box pushers as compared to the service providers. As a matter of fact, the idea behind this strategy is that as soon as computer businesses get out-dated, it ought to be replaced with the new ones. This also includes the upgrading of in-house support and services. The strategic factor of business gimmick is going across general competition whereby it could continue clientele turnover repeatedly. To cement business relationships, special considerations/concessions should be offered for the promotion of single service and alluring the clients for contacting future services.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

By providing the products, value added services, safety and support to customers with a team of commercial expertise and fully trained professionals, PC Moments expects to attract customers to win & maintain their confidence. This strategy deems necessary to ensure successful implementation by and large. At the same time, it also lays great emphasis to ensure that all functions and divisions of organization are performing well to achieve overall aims and objectives.

The focal point of marketing strategy rests with target customers who will be responsible to stimulate the business through key decision makers. They will eventually recommend or organize as a whole on behalf of organization as to how they can obtain initial order to satisfy the customers.

Uniformity and distinctiveness are the key components whereby we can bring awareness and bolster the image of organization to promote our products and efficient serviceability.

Our next target is to concentrate on delivering the quality products and provision of services enabling organization to produce and make good referrals which may be useful to make revenues at large. With the support of effective source of advertisement, we will focus then on the components of personal selling. This will be instrumental to enhance our business/personal relationships not only with clients but also with strategic partners to cater for their crucial requirements.

Since print and/or electronic media is the cogent source of boosting the business, therefore, we need to focus on achieving the growth that can be materialized by creating a fervent customer culture in comparison with our competitors. This strategy however, can be transformed into heavy growing business by developing customers, different offering of product and service with the help of employees' service and behavior.

By virtue of implementing remuneration policy based on competitiveness, efficiency and fairness, we determine to boost up human resources and improvement in business culture. In order to achieve rapid growth in business, we need to make sure complete coherence so that the suitable employees can be employed right on time and also on right place. For maintaining mutual cordial relationship between the employer and employees, we ought to develop strong teamwork where workers can grow with the growth of company.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The market is growing day by day and due to huge competition it is imperative to do SWOT Analysis in the beginning. Strengths are our abilities to do customized and technological production. Our employees will be well aware of what we want to provide to our customers and will have a sound knowledge of the technological services involved in the production. This will help a lot in penetrating the market. The summary of SWOT Analysis is written below.


Weakness is a controllable factor. The new employees who are not comfortable to work in a group and implementation of new policies in the firm, are a great challenge to the company.


The Internet. Internet is a superb opportunity for enhancing the skills and serving the customers in a better way. With the help of internet we can communicate with the customers easily and it is a good medium of developing long-term relationships with the customers.

Service. Giving the unique and helpful services with the product is also an opportunity for us to increase good-will in the market. Identification of such distinctive services which are not provided by our competitors and then providing them to the target customers is also an opportunity.

Emerging Technologies. Innovations are coming at a great speed in the field of Information Technology. This is also an opportunity to be explored.


Since new products are launched so often and innovations are also coming rapidly, it is a threat because this will recoup introductions of service in a short period of time.

Help should be taken from the decision makers on a number of issues regarding the security and simple access of electronic transactions. Recently, Barclays' electronic system faced a problem in which some customers were able to use the account… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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