Pediatric Nurses Role in Promoting a Secured attachment between Parents and Child Essay

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The role of pediatric nurses is also to provide psychological support for parents. Typically, parents often experience stress, and anxiety with reference to children support. It is the role of a pediatric nurse to remove their anxiety as well as facilitating parent-child strong attachment.

Kearvell, & Grant, (2014) argue that mothers often experience emotional chaos when admitting their babies into neonatal intensive care. Essentially, the unfamiliar environment of the intensive care unit can cause feelings of apprehension, anxiety, and exclusion. Thus, the mother will be able to gain satisfaction from the education delivered by the pediatric nurse who provides education and emotional support for parents. The information provided to parents become a source of strength for them and alleviating their stress.

Breastfeeding is also very critical for children physical development. The role of pediatric nurses is to educate parents about the importance of breastfeeding. Apart from improving children physical and mental development, breastfeeding assists in providing soothing and comfort for children.

Kearvell, & Grant, (2014) point out that "breastfeeding has been found to be extremely important to mothers of term and preterm infants in contributing to care and being close to their baby. Once an infant is medically stable, breastfeeding is a method that can facilitate mother-infant attachment." (p 80).

The pediatric nurses are also to educate parents about co-sleeping habits. A close proximity of children with parents promote physiological regulation as well as helping the parents to respond to children cry more quickly.

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Application of a bioecological Model with Children and their Families

Essay on Pediatric Nurses Role in Promoting a Secured attachment between Parents and Child Assignment

A theoretical application is critical in explaining the impact of children-parent attachment. The Bronfenbrenner's bioecological model is a theory that explains how the environment contributes to child development. The Bronfenbrenner model emphasizes that a child biology is a primary environment that influences a child development. Thus, an interaction of a child with the community and family assists in enhancing children maturing biological development. (Bergen, 2008). Essentially, the model argues that a child interaction with the environment enhances the child brain development. When the quality of the environment in which children develop is low, the interaction of the child with the environment become more complex thereby hindering the cognitive development of the child. (Tallon, Kendall, & Snider, 2015). The model also argues that secured children are much more autonomous, less likely to develop behavior problems, and having the ability to regulate their negative emotions. Moreover, a secured child has the ability to achieve cognitive development, socio-emotional adjustment, and language acquisition more rapidly.

Thus, parents are required to develop a positive environment that can enhance children cognitive development. When a child is born, his parent and families will consist of his immediate environment, when the environment is conducive for children they will be able to develop rapidly cognitively.


This study explores the roles of pediatric nurses in enhancing parent-children attachment. The study identifies the attachment theory that emphasizes the relationship between children and their parents. In essence, children who enjoy emotional attachment with their parents record an effective cognitive development. The study suggests that parents need to maintain close relationships with pediatric nurses to enhance their greater understanding about how they can improve their level of attachment with their children.


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