Pencil: An Artist's View of an Implement Research Proposal

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¶ … Pencil:" an Artist's View of an Implement

The pencil is not beautiful. Its pointed, dark grey, graphite nib is as ugly and drab as the lead-tipped pencils of my parent's childhood. It leaves a long, steely trail across the white, heavy-woven page. What will the slashing action of the pencil bring to life? A horse? A mountain? A woman's face? My fingers clasp the wood. Old-fashioned wood. Yellow and thin. Some people my age hardly know how to hold a pencil, even though their fingers dance across a computer's keys with ease. For them, gripping a pencil is like shaking hands with a stranger. They associate pencils with scantron tests that require a No.2 nib or writing thank-you notes to elderly relatives. For me, feeling the pencil is freedom: freedom from technology and linear thought as I draw, engaging in the primal pleasure of all -- making something from nothing.

The pencil can make the images in my mind come to life, although only imperfectly. As a child, I remember trying to copy a "Calvin and Hobbes" cartoon and being frustrated how the lines that looked so simple on the page looked distorted in my rendition. Now I am a better artist, but some things still frustrate me -- I see a landscape in my mind but something goes wrong in the connection between my brain, hand and pencil. The image on the page of my artist's notebook looks fine, but in my mind the image was better than fine. And I cannot blame the pencil for my failure, even though it was the instrument that produced that failure.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Proposal on Pencil: An Artist's View of an Implement Assignment

With the right control, the images from an artist's pencil can seduce, charm, and repel. I have become familiar with many pencils -- soft No. 1s, medium No.2s, and hard No.3s, as well as colored pencils. All types of pencils produce different lines, shadings, and different qualities of motion and stillness. A duller or shaper… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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