Penicillin Focuses on the Miraculous Term Paper

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Even though penicillin is not effective against all bacteria, its miraculous discovery has saved the lives of millions of people all over the world. Researchers that were inspired by Fleming's example soon helped to create an industry that invests millions today in order to discover new and ever more specific drugs, from which it gains even more millions in profits. The discovery of new drugs has led to the elimination of many other deadly diseases.

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Penicillin turned out, as Fleming inspected, to be nontoxic to most persons, although a few are allergic to it. Many of the drugs that have contributed to the medical marvels of our era might have side effects. A general argument against antibiotics is that its discovery has caused resistant strains of bacteria and it is getting really difficult for the doctors to combat such bacteria. The important point to realize here is that if penicillin had not been discovered than human beings would have been greatly endangered by deadly bacterium. The discovery of penicillin paved a way for a better life for millions of people. It not only cured people but also motivated researchers to discover new life saving antibiotics. One of the side effects of these discoveries led to a group of bacteria that was more resistant to the antibiotics. According to my perception this was not the dark side of Fleming's life giving discovery. Instead it is the beauty of evolution that caused bacteria to become more resistant. Which creature in the world has not gone through the process of evolution? Even we human beings have been victims of this process and done rather well. The resistant strains of bacteria might prove to be a challenge for many doctors initially but it will also make doctors and scientists well aware of the behavior of the bacteria. This will also cause many researchers to discover new medicines that would treat bacterial diseases.

Term Paper on Penicillin Focuses on the Miraculous Assignment

Nothing is more precious than the value of human life. Human life per se should be treated with dignity and respect. Hence, the great discovery of Alexander Fleming has had a great impact on the lives of many people and has paved a way for a healthier society.

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