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[. . .] Instance of hazing are comprehensive of but are not constrained to the exertion of liquor, paddling, and the emergence of redundant tiredness, scavenger hunts, public gimmicks, morally dilapidating or disgracing games and actions. Literacy associated with hazing is an instrument in the eviction of this attitude. Henceforth, literacy is given to the people by the University to assure that brotherhood and sisterhood campaigns, advisors, faculty advisors, and fellow members, realize that hazing is not legal and will not be put up with. (Greek Letter organizations) Hazing is strongly protested by all sisterhood and brotherhood campaigns and is not put up with. The actual fact is that hazing is an illegal activity, strictly kept away in Greek organizations.

Those who are new to college and the vicinity of campus life often question, "Why enroll in a brotherhood or sisterhood campaign? Of what good would it be? Behind these theoretical questions is the more solid concern, "Would it give me a hand in attaining a better job?" For those in commitment to self-enhancement and turning out themselves a better enroller, the reply members frequently provide is positive. While Hollywood portrays Greek life as a continuity of ever lasting get together, and the media has in addition given to the difficulty of associating brotherhood supported binge drinking with college date rape, there are precious advantages to be explored as a part of a Greek cult. The change from high school or yet another college or university is an enthralling, enticing, and at times, an unsure time. You will start the year with umpteen challenges, anticipations, and aims. How better those questions are replied, the inhibitions overruled, and the aims fulfilled will give a hand in assuring the value of your general college experience. The Greek system is existential as a cooperative system for several men and women all over the country and may give some of the answers to frequent questions as you have undertakings at this juncture of life. Dating back to 1775, the Greek community has questioned students to come up in their collegiate years. The pattern of Greek organizations goes back to 1775 at William and Mary campus in Williamsburg, Virginia and is even now proceeding in a healthy way today. While literary scores are existential, brotherhood and sisterhood campaigns, have a share of the basis and theory of academic well being, physical efficacy and responsibility as a civic.

Generating 10 million hours of volunteer work each year, the Fraternities and Sororities form the largest network of volunteers in the United States. With members coming from various cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds, Fraternities and Sororities are the most visible value-oriented organizations in campuses. There are limitations to success for a book-smart student in the practical world. Success generally accompanies the acquirement of skills and values that will help one to effectively communicate and deal with people of all hues and colors. Greek students maintain higher standards in colleges compared to other groups, as individual behavior will portray a good or bad image of all Greeks irrespective of the chapter. It is the bond between the members that constitutes the strength of the Greek organizations - a bond that develops between individuals who have the same experiences and same sufferings. Lot of factors like togetherness, teamwork, support system, companionship, personal enlightenment, challenge and awareness come into play here. The Greek way is a perfect blend of individualism and mutual cooperation. The Greek membership however is not to be equated with conformity. A fraternity is made up of various kinds of members Greek membership brings the privilege of meeting individuals who later turns out to be your closest friends, those who will be there to help you irrespective of whether you are going uphill or downhill. With the knowledge that the Greek family is behind you with that unflinching support system, come what may, one can explore the other areas of college life with the comfort of safety. (Advantages of Being Greek)

Based on the norms of scholarship, service, leadership and the enhancement of lifelong associates, the Greek society has imbibed good performance in college education. Each and every national and international cult was based on a semblance of these ideologies that still give guidance to Greeks in the present day. An existent member of a particular abode or a Greek organization is termed fraternity and sorority and they live under one roof. There is a particular term called the rush which is a social occasion where the fraternal and sisterly members of a Greek organization have an opportunity to come to know possible members. As a reply, the possible members get an opportunity to envisage the organization before they make a decision to enroll in it. At the juncture of the rushing process, the organization members make a decision and make a vote on prospective students who can turn out future members. Then, there is a bid which is provided to the possible enrollers. The process of rushing or even the reception of a bid need not be adhered to by the students. Students can in every instance turn down the membership. If there is a plan by the student to accept the bid, then they can undergo a pledging process that can go on until 8 weeks. At the juncture of this procedure, the students are labeled as pledges or fellow members. This particular one is the official literacy program that is patterned to give students data about the story of foundation and functionalities of their brotherhood/sisterhood campaigns, as also scholarship, leadership and service. After the completion of the process, the pledges are started off as members. (ParentNET)

For a student to be a member of a Greek cult, they must be adherent to a high GPA and also take part in at least two other extracurricular activities in the campus. Adding up to these, a student's membership in a Greek organization plays a chief part, with each member being designated a particular undertaking and responsibility. Existence as a member of a fraternity or sorority needs arduous work but there arise occasions to have an oneness in parties and social occasions. All through the year, brotherhood and sisterhood campaigns have a get together for mixing together, formals, and combined service undertakings. The fraternities and sororities in these campaigns render a hand through boosting and coordination for their fellow mates. Such a hand given may be in the attire of study buddies for a particular person who has problems in a particular class or in the way of a help provided for getting a work after the completion of graduation.3. The life of the Greeks is an opportunity for students to explore and get their very excellent result, both at the point of college and after. Getting a membership in a Greek letter organization means a life long servility towards it.

Making an enrolment in the Greek organization implies toiling with a section of men or women who are adherent to common aims and ideologies while being positioned to a higher standard, than other college students. The experience of the Greek during the phase of his/her college years is an opening to many accolades and also helps in getting connections in the later phase of life. Many of the students will convey to you that it is more than the social feature that enticed them to Greek life. Students who enroll in brotherhood or sisterhood campaigns possess a wide array of changes to take part in extracurricular activities within their episode and over the campus vicinity. Greeks boost individuality- they are not adherent to conformity. Shared reasons must be of toil, but creativity is always boosted. Each and every episode is on the basis of an array of ideals and norms that are extensive all across their fraternity/sorority. Instances of these norms are comprehensive of the community service, scholarship and leadership. Another chief asset of enrolling in the organization such as the existent one is the chance to create a positive influence in one's community. Some brotherhood/sisterhood campaigns hold as the focal point the community service. Fraternities and sororities render never ending time of community servility and economic donations to local, regional and national donors. (Rush Hour)

By taking part in community servility programs, enrollers of Greek letter organizations have an imbibing of the quality of giving hand to each other, as also having fun with enrollers of their organizations. They also support sponsor community servility programs such as money- raising for philanthropies and volunteer services as a part of community organizations. Being servile to the cult not only is advantageous to valuable causes, it gives allowance to Greeks to attain precious leadership experiences and make their lives rich. (Rush… [END OF PREVIEW]

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