Why People Stay in Abusive Relationships Essay

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Role of Aggression in Society

Aggressive behavior comes in various forms and there are different causative factors to such behavior and it can be expressed to the people surrounding the individual or to the individual himself. There are various roles that aggression generally plays in the society as discussed herein.

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There are various form of aggression, the first being the physical violence/aggression where the aggressor involves in physical acts that are targeted at a recipient whom he intend to hurt. The harm may be death and the individual may use weapons or bare hands. One of the common source of physical aggression is anger, though intoxication can also cause one to resort to physical aggression. Alzheimer patients may also display physically aggressive behavior due to the diminished cognitive capacity. There are other physical aggression instances that are directed to oneself and this kind is common alongside mental disorder like borderline personality disorder. Verbal aggression is yet another kind that involves threats, bullying and yelling. There may be instances of name calling and insults in an individual expressing such aggression, though these two are often categorized as domestic violence. Such behaviors that are intended to put down the recipient can have profound effects on the recipient. There is the non-verbal aggression too, and this is often perceived as having a physical and violent end by the recipient. Stalking is a good example of non-verbal aggression and comes in various forms like planting unwanted software in the victims computer, sending unwanted gifts, vandalism and even following the victim. Passive aggression is yet another kind of aggression that involves indirect means of expressing displeasure by the individual and this form is predominant among the female gender. Some of the ways involve doing an assignment poorly, failing to do a task yet one had agreed to do it is yet another means and to some extent, procrastination is a form of passive aggression (Blank C., 2015). Since most of the aggressions are projected outwards, the increase in domestic violence is more likely in situations where there is aggression involved.

Essay on Why People Stay in Abusive Relationships Assignment

There is need to understand the various kinds of aggression so that one can easily identify and handle possible aggression instances and the aftermath of the same.

Coping mechanisms used by domestic violence victims

Often, the victims of domestic violence form some form of responses to the abuse and of significant review here are the positive responses that aid the victims cope with life after the violence. With the support of the family and the society and relevant groups, the victims are able to overcome the trauma of the domestic violence.

One of the coping mechanisms is seeking information, where the victims look for positive information that would help them get out of the demeaning situation like the justice process, programs meant for victims of violence and the common reactions. Yet another coping mechanism is self comparison and emphasizing on the positive aspects of having survived. Here, the victims feel better by viewing themselves as being strong and survivors of the ordeal. At the initial stage, the sufferers of domestic and sexual assault may view themselves as victims since it was not their fault that they suffered, but with time, they switch to being survivors of the ordeal and in this manner regain control of their lives. Social comparison is yet another coping mechanism where the victims will compare themselves to other victims in a bid to make sense of what happened them and how the others overcame the situation. They gain inspiration from victims who are doing well and would like to follow in their footsteps and even do better. The challenge with this is that they may compare themselves with others and feel that they are not making sufficient progress and in this get discouraged. Activities for regaining control is yet another coping mechanism where the victims engage in activities that can help them defend themselves in the future, like self-defense classes. Activism has also been used by many to overcome the trauma, where the victims engage in sensitization activities to help others avoid and also overcome domestic violence and in the process healing themselves as well. Social support is yet another coping method that many victims will adopt and it involves the family, police, the church, peers and such groups that can help the victim overcome the trauma of the domestic violence (Government of Canada, 2015).

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