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¶ … people talk about the events 1960's, they will often refer to: the various civil rights struggles, the Kennedy Administration, the Vietnam War and the moon race. Where, all of these events would become a part, of a decade that would have ripple effects, upon the world we live in. Part of the reasons for this, is because the 60's would represent a shift in the demographics of the different generations. As the institutions and culturally accepted practices of the past; would be brought into question, because of the events that took place. A good example of this can be seen with comments from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said, "Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man's sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true." (Brady, 2003, pg. 213) This is significant, because it highlights how the different events and struggles of the 1960's; would signify a shift that was occurring in the world. As the old ideas of the past, were no longer accepted as legitimate and were openly criticized by host of individuals. At which point, changes would take place that created a dramatic transformation in the society and the various political institutions. To fully understand the overall scope of this shift requires: examining the different events / issues that have impacted our personal lives, how they have affected our chosen career path and the various ways they have changed international relations. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights, as to how the 60's would redefine life as we know it.

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How have the events and issues of the 60s impacted your personal life?

TOPIC: Essay on People Talk About the Events 1960's, They Assignment

The 1960's had a profound impact upon the world we live in. This is because the decade represented a microcosm, of various events that had been building up for years. The attitude of openness, would allow for a candid discussion, about what these views would mean to society and how they should be dealt with. As the decade, would begin with the Cuban Missile Crisis and end with the successful Apollo Moon Landings. However, the time frame in between this these two events is when a period of major upheaval would occur, as the civil rights struggle and the Vietnam War would become focal points for the 60's. (Burner, 1996, pp. 3 -- 13)

Discuss two specific personal experiences that might have turned out differently had the events and issues of the 60s never occurred.

Two personal experiences that could have turned out differently were: the lasting effects of the civil rights marches and the Vietnam War. These two events would affect my personal life, because they would help me to understand that something greater was possible in each and every one of us. As I would look at the way, Dr. Martin Luther King would have such resolve, in the face of unspeakable racism and a desire make the world a better place. For me, this would teach me that I can be capable of something better, if I have the ability to believe. The Vietnam War would teach me not to blindly accept, what you are hearing in the news or from various public officials. Instead, you should openly listen to all of the facts, so that you can fully understand the reality of the situation. This has helped me to look at issues beyond, what the popular beliefs are, to determine what is really taking place. At which point, I can have a more in depth discussion, about these events and what they mean, helping to improve my understanding of the issues / events.

Draw upon specific theories, concepts, and issues discussed this term to analyze how your personal life has been changed. You need to apply a minimum of three theories

When you apply the different theories to these events, it obvious that the issues dealt with during the civil rights struggles and opposition to the Vietnam War, would change the way I would look at what is occurring. This is because a number of different theories were utilized as part of the various struggles to include: civil disobedience, feminism and liberalism. Civil disobedience is when you are knowingly breaking the law through non-violent means, as way of protesting your disapproval for various laws and regulations. The idea is that by constantly marching and protesting, you can be able to bring about changes in government policy as well as society. Where, the constant actions of protesting and marching will bring attention to these various issues. At which point the pressure for change to occur, will increase dramatically. This is when the government and society will accept these ideas. (Ryan, 1992, pp. 6 -- 39) In the case of the civil rights struggle and the Vietnam War, many organizations were using civil disobedience as a way to push the establishment, to embrace the liberal changes. Over the course of time, the political pressure would become so great, that this would occur in governmental policies and society.

Feminism would evolve from the constant acts of civil disobedience that were occurring, as women would begin to question their roles in society. This would lead to a shift in cultural attitudes, as many women's groups would use civil disobedience, to highlight their desire for changes to occur. As they wanted to see equality applied to them based upon gender. This is important, because it underscores the way, the 60's would highlight, how the attitudes in society would be brought to forefront and questioned. (Ryan, 1992, pp. 6 -- 39)

Liberalism is a reaction to the various institutions and society that evolved after the end of World War II. Where, everyone would fit into the standard roles within society. During the 1960's, these views would be turned upside down, as liberalism would question various social structures. What was happening is liberalism, occurred from the desire of many individuals, to have a sense of equality and freedom that were applied to everyone. The conflict occurred, because these changes would clash within society and the various institutions that they supported. (Ryan, 1992, pp. 6 -- 39) This is significant, because the liberal attitudes and the desire for change; would mean that many organizations would be forced to adapt these views. As the liberal attitudes, would invite various instances of civil disobedience. At which point, various issues of inequality, would be addressed through new ideologies such as: feminism. Together, these various elements would reshape how everyone would view: social and political events moving forward.

Considering your chosen career path and major discipline, how have the events and issues of the 60s impacted these? Using a minimum of two specific theories and concepts from your major discipline, analyze a minimum of two of the events and issues from the 60s from that perspective.

The career path that I will be embarking upon is as a private investigator, through a degree in criminal justice. The two theories that would shape the profession in the future would be: the various changes in the way criminal investigations are conducted and the ethics surrounding a criminal investigation. The way various changes in criminal investigations were conducted, meant that private investigators would have to follow different regulations and accepted principals. Where, they must respect the privacy of the individual, as the changing attitudes from the 1960's, would reflect a transition in how the law was applied, with respect to this issue. A good example of this can be seen, with various acts / regulations during the late 1960's / early 1970's. Where, they would redefine how a private investigator would conduct any kind of surveillance to include: the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 just to name a few. When you apply this to a specific event of the 1960's (police brutality), it became clear that certain protections were needed to: prevent law enforcement and other officials from abusing these fundamental rights. The theories that were developed on respecting the rights of the individual were implemented, out of the abuses that were occurring during the time. The industry was changed, as investigators were required to improve their techniques used for: gathering evidence and who they are discussing the case with. (Benecil, 2009, pp. 101 -- 153)

The ethics surrounding an investigation is when the profession, would look at itself, based upon the changes in the laws and the different investigative techniques. At which point, they would establish a set of: the most acceptable behaviors and principals that everyone in the industry should honor / respect. This evolved, because of the various abuses that were occurring, based on the bias of investigators. A good example of this can be seen, with the disclosure that the FBI would secretly conduct surveillance on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This is despite the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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