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Roger Enrico is facing a huge business decision as part of his responsibilities at Pepsi Company. His duties as President and CEO of Pepsico Worldwide Beverages includes making decisions with the importance that this one has, but in doing so, he must carefully consider all the factors and all the possible scenarios stemming from those factors. This specific situation could have worldwide implications for the future of Pepsico, and of course, Roger Enrico.

The problem is that Pepsico, which at the time, was showing strong profits and sales, while at the same time the company was also facing increasing competition. If the company was to continue to grow, and prosper, a complete reorganization might be necessary. That decision was facing Enrico.

The reason for such a drastic change in direction was that the company was divided into three separate divisions, and that those divisions, while profitable, were not being as efficient as they could have been. The recommendation made by a committee studying the possibilities was that the company should definitely reorganize, but that there were two different concepts to consider in their efforts to do so.

Since Pepsico had a very distinct corporate culture at that time, Enrico knew that the decision he was faced with, would not only affect the company, nor his life, but the lives of the many employees that would be affected as well. One of the brightest guiding lights for Roger was that very culture.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Pepsi Cola Beverages Assignment

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