Perception or a Common Belief Case Study

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I would try to outline the most beneficial ways that Kenexa can help a company and its employees reach their potential. It would be important for me give the customer the background information regarding the correlation between human resources management and employee production and satisfaction. I would want to make it clear to the customer that it is very important that employees function in a manner that brings out their full potential.

One of my selling points would of course be the history of success that the company has, I would provide examples of the many success that Kenexa has had while being in business since 1987. Another thing I would mention is the very qualified and talented team that Kenexa has assembled. Kenexa's use of the latest software would also be a selling point that I would like to address with customer. It would be important for me to be able to assure the customer that Kenexa is working and employing the latest technology and software in order to help customers and their employees succeed. Surveys and data that prove that the approaches that Kenexa takes are successful, specifically with performance management programs would definitely be one of my selling points.

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Another selling point that I would present is the fact that the very techniques and approaches that Kenexa sells to its customers are the very same techniques and approaches used internally within the company. I would point out what is stated by Krietner regarding the approaches of Kenexa within its own company in the book Organization Behavior, "Everything from recognition programs to in-house competitions to the corporate structure is constantly subject to employee feedback and everything is meant to boost involvement and loyalty, Kenexa draws a line straight from its employee's behavior to its success" (270). The most important selling point I would employ would be the financial factors that resulting from using Kenexa. To me this is the most important because what employers and business people really want to know if their company will benefit financially from a partnership with Kenexa.

Case Study on Perception or a Common Belief Assignment

I would rate Kenexa's potential for generation intrinsic motivation fairly high. Kenexa appears to employ and use the concepts and ideals that are part of Thomas's building blocks for intrinsic rewards and motivation, which are choice, competence, meaningfulness and progress. They employ choice by allowing and motivating workers to succeed and communicate freely in an atmosphere that allows them to exercise and reach their potential. They employ competence by using scientific studies and data that allows them to hire and retain the best and most qualified employees which will in turn help the company succeed. They employ meaningfulness by using psychological approaches that allow them to really get to know what motivates workers and what is important to them as people. This allows them to set their employees up for success. They employ progress by constantly challenging and rewarding their employees when they do succeed. They celebrate their achievements and reward them financially.

I would definitely like to work for a company with the proven track record of success that Kenexa has. They have a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge that would be extremely beneficial and rewarding for me. One of the things I would appreciate about working in a company like this would be the resources available to me. I am very impressed with the competence and level of sophistication that this organization possess as a whole. They have the latest technology and some of the most knowledgeable scientists, statisticians and psychologist at their disposal. Working in an environment like the one that Kenexa creates would definitely be rewarding because they have a sense of authenticity. The thing I like the most about Kenexa is that they sell a product that they themselves used to become the successful company that they currently are. To me that is something that few companies around the world can claim. Kenexa appears to be a company that motivates and helps people succeed, for me it would be a pleasure to be part of an organization like that.

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