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Behaviorism - Cross Cultural Values

Cross cultural conflict often occurs when members of varying cultures share different beliefs, values and understandings of events, issues or proper ways of behaving. It is vital that cultural differences be examined to help members of society develop better methods for addressing cultural conflicts. A better understanding of cross cultural differences may enable more communication and collaboration and less violence.

Cross cultural events often result in violence when people of varying cultures are not able to come to agreement regarding the appropriate course of action to follow in a given situation. Below we'll discuss cultural interpretations and motivations among inter and intra-cultural groups and explain the origins of many cultural difficulties between these groups.

Article 1 Synopsis

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In his article "Suicide Bombers Held In Bosnia" Nick Hawton discusses suicide bombers captured in Bosnia. Most people tend to agree that suicide bombing is a blatant act of terrorism neither condoned nor desirable. The suicide bombers captured in this case were armed with weapons, explosives and military equipment, as is often the case for suicide bombers. More than 7,000 EU peacekeepers are currently working to resist acts like this from often Islamic extremists that believe they are performing work sanctioned by their God. Many of the victims of suicide bombings however turn out to be innocent victims, often children.

Term Paper on Perceptions of US Assignment

Suicide bombing is nothing more than a tactic employed by varying military agencies. Terrorist and guerilla groups often adopt the practice. Among bombers however the act is often considered a form or martyrdom. Many rationalize their behavior. Most are well educated and participate in ritualistic activities before their acts and perform bombings based on strong beliefs that reinforce their decision to engage in a suicidal activity. Others including religious members of groups like Hamas believe that their actions will result in many rewards in the afterlife. This is clearly a case where a certain groups activities and actions are resulting in problems and misunderstanding based on misplaced motivations and behaviors.

To the world at large most members of these groups appear insane at best. Yet the cultural differences and beliefs upheld b members of the Hamas and related religious groups are quite strong. While this does not justify the actions of violence performed by these members, it does help explain why someone would voluntarily commit suicide.

Article 2 Synopsis

Another example of cultural misunderstanding is evident in the U.S. abuses occurring in Abu Ghraib. In the article "Cataloguing U.S. abuses" the authors discuss the U.S. soldiers abuse of their charges at Abu Ghraib. Among the problems identified at this prison include U.S. soldiers sicking dogs on Arab prisoners. Unbeknownst likely to American soldiers at the time, in Arab cultures dogs are considered unclean; hence this act was more atrocious than initially acknowledge because of the ensuing cultural misunderstandings that resulted.

Aside from cultural misunderstandings however there were also substantiated claims of abuse to Arabic prisoners documented, which resulted according to the article in 11 court martial convictions. The punishments were not considered extreme, with the most severe punishment including one year's confinement for the solider convicted. It is important upon surveying this article and others concerning Abu Ghraib however that people look beyond the abuse and realize the cultural implications of these actions. Clearly the soldiers are Abu Ghraib held different values and had different motivations for performing their actions. Their lack of understanding of Arab cultural practices contributed to the severity of their actions and resulting bad impressions left on the Arab peoples and people throughout the world.

In this case the importance of greater understanding of other cultural values and belief systems is demonstrated and emphasized even within the framework or environment of war. Improved cultural understanding and sensitivity might limit the potential for activities like this to occur in the future.

Article 3 Synopsis

In "Thousands Flee Assam Tribal Feud" Subir Bhaumik discusses the significance of inter-cultural differences and the resulting feuds that often ensue. In this case the article discusses recent fighting that has erupted between two tribes, the Karbi and Dimasa in South Asia. The clashes are common in tribal homelands and between militias in this area where multiple tribes often attempt to assert their dominance and true representation of the Assamic culture.

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