Performance Action Plan Essay

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John Ziegler's Perspective As Sales Manager

Annual performance

Although John Ziegler clearly entered into his position with a strong desire to do well, his performance shows some notable deficits. First and foremost, he did not take in enough input from other sources when hiring Larry Palmer. Palmer's lack of experience and poor references should have been an immediate red flag. Ziegler also ignored the seasoned sales representative Dick McClure's hostility towards him, rather than discussing the issues Dick had with him out in the open. Given McClure's long-time service for the company, establishing a better relationship with him should have been more of a priority. Ziegler did not use the computerized information system in an effective fashion; he took a long time to learn how to use it to issue reports and performance reviews. This also translated into problems over the course of his first year.

Overall, Ziegler's first year was characterized by a lack of systematic efforts and inconsistencies, such as his focus on Larry Palmer vs. other, more qualified candidates. Ziegler had a tendency to make decisions in a high-handed and unilateral manner. He also did not seem to realize the importance of having a personal touch. A more sensitive manager would have understood why McClure felt hostility towards him and treated him with respect, given his age and service to the company. But Ziegler seemingly had no idea that there would be any personal animosity or stress.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Performance Action Plan Assignment

Although these oversights regarding his interpersonal manner could… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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