Performance Appraisal Consider These Methods Term Paper

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Performance Appraisal

Consider these methods for performance appraisal: trait methods, behavioral methods, and results methods. Then select an industry or organization that has many occupational positions within it. Give an example of a job title for which each of the above methods would be an appropriate performance appraisal method. Explain your answer.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Performance Appraisal Consider These Methods for Performance Assignment

Trait methods of performance appraisal stress character traits when evaluating overall employee quality. For example, is the employee punctual, caring and compassionate when dealing with the public, and willing to show the initiative when beginning new products at work? Adjectives crucial to work performance are listed, given a certain weight on a scale (such as 1-10), and the employee is assessed to the degree which they embody these qualities. The problem with such evaluations is that they are invariably subjective. Another person must be on hand to constantly evaluate the employee to see if they usually possess certain traits, or the employee must be the subject of customer surveys. In a medical office, the most appropriate employees for a trait performance appraisal might be the front office staff. Patients could receive cards after the office, and fill in if the staff was knowledgeable about… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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