Performance Appraisal System Term Paper

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Performance Appraisal System

The modern day staff member is the most important organizational asset within the contemporaneous business community. It has in essence evolved from the force operating the machines into the force able to generate organizational value. The staff members are the ones who handle the manufacturing processes to create high quality products which generate consumer satisfaction and revenues sustainability.

The importance of the staff members is crucial within all categories of economic agents, but even more so important within service providing companies, in which the final business success depends on the skills of the staff members, their commitment levels and the nature of the interaction between the employees and the organizational customers. In such a context, economic agents continually seek new means in which to develop and motivate their employees. In this endeavor, performance appraisal systems play a crucial role.

Better characteristics of performance appraisal systems

The performance appraisal systems represent mechanisms by which the performances of the organizational staff members are assessed with the scope of supporting better informed decisions regarding the future of the relationship between the employer and the employees.

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Like with any other economic model, the specialized literature is filled with models for performance appraisals, but fact remains that each firm has to develop its own system. In other words, economic agents cannot implement a performance appraisal system as it is revealed within the specialized literature and expect it to work, but they have to develop their own systems. The individual performance appraisal systems have to be personalized to the specific needs of the respective organizations, such as their sizes, the nature of the businesses they conduct, the features of the industry in which they operate and so on.

Term Paper on Performance Appraisal System Assignment

Regardless of the need for personalization, fact remains that effective performance appraisal system have to meet specific characteristics which enhance their success rates. In this order of ideas, the following are considered good characteristics of performance appraisal systems:

a) Full support from the managerial team

b) Adequate understanding of the system at the overall organizational level and by all organizational members

c) the appraisal system's commitment to fairness and equity and the perception of the system as fair and productive

d) the insurance that the performance appraisal is conducted through the objective lenses of the individual job description

e) the integration and communication of the criteria to be used in the appraisal

f) the insurance of transparency of the appraisal system

g) the high skills, fairness and training levels of the person conducting the evaluation

h) the development and implementation of adequate plans which support the evaluation of the employee performances (Bhat, 2010)

i) the ability to generate employee commitment and as such to support organizational productivity

j) the ability to identify training needs, but also to establish promotions

k) the ability to identify changing needs within the organization and to quickly and efficiently adapt to them (Gupta, 2007)

l) the ability to support efficient and high quality systems of decision making at the overall organizational level (Deb, 2006).

3. Motivation

The above mentioned characteristics have the benefit of an increased ability to be correlated with compensation and rewards in a means that generates higher levels of employee motivation. The motivation of the staff members is crucial for the adjacently increased levels of productivity, commitment to the firms and overall increased business success.

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