Performance-Based Standards Essay

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This is a plan that will be used for internal accreditation before the external accreditation process takes place.


The level of standards met

Authority Accrediting






Program and activity


Administration and Management


The levels of accrediting the standards met will be in three; Good, average, below average.

Authority accrediting will be the officer or the management personnel in charge

Comments will be the possible improvements needed as seen by the officer.

Fulfilling the requirements of each function

Care; the best way to get each individual within prison the healthcare needed is through establishing a private healthcare facility within the correction facility. There is ned also to establish extensive links with community organizations like the human service agencies, churches, social organizations, service clubs, public libraries, volunteer groups, professional as well as trade organizations that will provide different cares that an individual inmate may have.

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Safety; since there have been in the past a lot of attention given to the perimeter security at the expense of internal safety, there is need to focus more on the internal safety as well. There is also need to establish residential groupings within prisons of ten to fourteen people that will ensure the safety of each other and care for one another within prison (Flynn E.E., 1977:Pp19).

TOPIC: Essay on Performance-Based Standards Assignment

Security; to ensure security is maximum, there is need for first having the well designed inside section of the prison to have single occupancy with a good program and provision of recreation space and an individualized approach to offenders. Such an example is the West Virginia-based South Central Regional Correctional Institution which is considered a state of the art jail and used as an example in the region (State of West Virginia, 2014).

Order; there is need here to emphasize more on self-governance of the inmates within the possible parameters in the prisons. Inmates should be made and trained to assume autonomy over their lives and increased responsibility for there to be order within the prisons.

Program and activity; there is need of using the computer assisted simulations in order to know the individual offender needs in order to establish the most appropriate program for them and also the level of custody that is required for the inmate in order to make the society safe (Flynn E.E., 1977). The programs provided should be voluntary and never coerced in order for them to be effective. There is also need to have a wide variety of the programs that the inmates can choose from hence not locking some out.

Justice; apart from making the convict pay for the wrongs they may have committed, there is need to have individualized services that take care of the development of positive social orientation, behavioral patterns and social skills that will allow a quick reintegration into society.

Administration and management; there will be need for the staff to be close to the inmates so that there is encouraged interaction and in turn giving the inmates more access to programs set within the prison. To improve the correctional policy, there is need for a continued evaluative research in a continuing basis and a consequent continuous training of the staff members on the new findings and the changes in policy for a better service delivery.

Challenges to accreditation of my institution

Budget is one serious challenge that I may experience in the facility accreditation, especially in the face of the budget cut for prisons. This will mean I will not be able to fulfill some needs especially those to do with the building to the desirable standards as mentioned above. The only way out of this is to have consultation with experts in order to use less cash to do more within the facility and cut down on unnecessary expenditure.

Overcrowding is yet another challenge since with the cut in budget, some prisons have opted to closing down hence the prisoners are transferred to other facilities hence some like ours will have to absorb the extra population leading to overcrowding. There is need for the facility to have better management skills especially in terms of space allocation and this will deal with the overcrowding.

Limited collaboration is yet another challenge that works to limit the progress in the change and resources allocation to different prisons including ours, hence the inability to implement some of the administrative decisions. To solve this, there is need for collaboration among the correction departments and this will continue to be a quest for our facility since there is need for the federal prisons, state prisons and the local community corrections to foster a common front and work as a team to do some of the activities like training and housing of inmates.


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