Performance of the Hollywood Film Term Paper

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Another example of the movie is China town, which was directed, by Jack Nicholson and this movie is also respected and honored because of the quality of work, which the director has given in this movie. The story, the cast and the direction are all in sequence and in relation with one another and therefore this movie has been given a highly respected status with in the film industry.


The Hollywood's culture of fame is simply artificial and unrealistic because it generates the following questions with in the minds of teenagers and young generation, these questions are as follows:

What can it be like to be famous? How did we, as a society, get into this state of affairs? What might it be 'doing' to us? What it means to an individual human being to be famous, or a celebrity, why it is an experience that is both desired and regretted why it seems to cause so much distress, and how it is reflected back to the rest of the society in the form of the 'fandom' and the 'psychology' of the viewer?"

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It has been noted that the movies and films of the Hollywood film industry, mostly fascinate the young generation and teenagers and they want themselves to become one of the renowned actors, actresses, directors or any other person related to the film industry. The young children are not aware of the fact that the art of movie making and the culture of film industry is not at all real, it is simply fake. The fame, respect and fandom, which a person gets, is only for a limited period. The Hollywood movies are the source of inspiration for the young children and adults and they become ambitious to get such success and fame, which the Hollywood stars, enjoy.


Term Paper on Performance of the Hollywood Film Assignment

The paper has tried to derive the attention of the readers towards the fact that although Hollywood is an industry which has produced several films and movies and is still producing, just for the entertainment of the audiences. After the inception of the Hollywood film industry it has created many stars and legends. The importance of the Hollywood film industries and its movies are of a considerable worth but these movies and films have also given birth to the fame culture, which is purely artificial and fake. The paper has provided the examples of Sunset Boulevard and the LA Story which are the two most renowned films made in the history of Hollywood film industry. These films are taken as an example to support the arguments regarding the fake culture of fame and success, which the Hollywood film industry generates.

Fame and success is something, which is for a temporary period, and it declines with the passage of time, the adults should understand this concept and they should then be discouraged because they are the ones who are mostly fascinated by the world of media and industry. The world of Hollywood fiction and media is a fake and glamorous world. One should not get attracted towards the fame and success factor, which is involved in the movie making industry. It is a complete artificial world in which the actors, actresses and other artists are imprisoned. In order, to attain the fame and success these actors and actresses have to kill their priorities and they have to work according to the orders and commands of the moviemakers, gradually they lose their own freedom and happiness of life. They just enjoy their fame and success but after a period of several years this fame and success also declines with the passage of time. All in all, it can be concluded that the Hollywood film industry is an institution which has transformed individuals into quality characters, directors and producers but it has introduced a concept of fame and success and this factor is not at all suitable for the youth of the country as they are badly tempted towards the world of glamour and they desperately try to become as one of the actors or actresses of the Hollywood film industry. The examples of the films Sunset Boulevard and L.A story have also supported the arguments, which states that the Hollywood film industry has generated the idea of artificiality and it has generated culture known as fame culture, which is dangerous for the youth. Keeping in view, all these factors it is the responsibility of the adults of our society to stop the involvement of the young children and they should be encouraged to acquire education rather than adoption of career in the film industry.


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