Performance Management at the NIM Essay

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The death stage refers to the end stage where organizational performance decline to the extent of inability to maintain its normal productivity and market competitiveness. On the other hand, entrepreneurial stage is characterized by the need for effective leadership, collectivity (delegation), formalization (beginning of organizational decline in productivity) and elaboration stage requires organizational revitalization (Hopkins, Hopkins, & Mallette, 2005).

From the case study, it seems that the case excludes the maturity stage and growth stage. The analysis does not consider the growth stages undergone by the campus. The analysis also does not consider the maturity stage of the organization. This has significant impacts on the performance and the growth of the company. Growth stage provides management of the campus with insights into the nature of its current and future performance. It provides the basis for developing the desired strategies for exploiting the prevailing opportunities. They are also essential in evaluating strategies required when respond to anticipatory challenges that may hinder the growth and development of the campus. On the other hand, the maturity stage enables organizations to evaluate their stability and competitiveness in the marketplace. It provides organizations with theoretical approaches required for understanding and identifying new opportunities prevailing in the marketplace (Hopkins, Hopkins, & Mallette, 2005).

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In addition, the stage allows the management team to determine the efficacy of their actions and predict the future outcomes of their strategic plans. The other impact associated with the exclusion stage includes the failure to evaluate its market share and effective market segmentation to allow effective exploitation of the target market. Conclusively, designing a strategic plan in an organization requires active participation of all the stakeholders to ensure its success.


Hopkins, W.E., Hopkins, S.A., & Mallette, P. (2005). Aligning organizational subcultures for competitive advantage: A strategic change approach. New York: Basic Books.

Essay on Performance Management at the NIM Assignment

Nambudiri R. & Jayasima J. (2008). Performance Management at the National Institute of Management (Central India… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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